Mooncake Festival 2022: Supercharge Your Sales with Oddle’s Industry Expertise

Consumer trends and managed marketing campaigns for all our merchants

Predicted surge in mooncake demand

For the F&B industry, the celebration of annual festivities provides vital sales and marketing opportunities. This is especially true when it comes to the Mooncake Festival, where mooncake boxes are given as gifts to friends, loved ones, and business associates.

This year, it’s been predicted that the Malaysian market will see a surge in mooncake demand to at least 80% of pre-pandemic levels, driven by the country’s progressive shift towards the endemic phase and the return to offices.

Leveraging on past insights

To help our merchants maximise their festive sales, Oddle consolidates sales trends based on data collected yearly. This mooncake season, we’ve provided our merchants with insights on the most popular types of mooncake to aid in their planning of retail offerings. The enduring popularity of snowskin mooncakes in Malaysia, particularly the Mao Shan Wang flavour, could be a cue to merchants to focus their marketing efforts on durian products in order to capitalise on demand.

We’ve also discovered that most customers prefer variety in their flavours, which might encourage merchants to bundle their gift boxes such that different flavours are included.

Oddle’s data insights, provided well in advance of the festivities, therefore provide merchants a better understanding of market outlook and key consumer preferences, giving them an edge over the competition.

Increasing GMV through managed marketing campaigns

Besides providing merchants an additional revenue stream with its e-shop solutions, Oddle goes above and beyond in its efforts to help our merchants get their products flying off the proverbial shelves.

Our team works tirelessly on managed marketing campaigns like the Virtual Mooncake Festival, which massively increased the Gross Merchant Value (GMV) of participating merchants last year.

As our campaigns are run across multiple consumer touchpoints such as Oddle Eats’ website, targeted EDM blasts, and content advertorials published by media partners, we enable merchants to grow their online presence and search visibility (est. reach >1M), potentially driving both sales and overall profit.

Supercharge your revenue with Oddle

We continue to stand by our merchant-centric approach in all we do, and we encourage all prospective merchants to get in touch with us to unlock access to our omnichannel suite of products that includes a beautifully-designed white-label e-shop, a zero-cost reservations platform, QR ordering, and payment terminals. 

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Existing merchants, please contact your Account Managers by 4 July 2022 to participate in this year’s Virtual Mooncake Festival.