What are restaurants saying about us?

...ordering processes have been reduced and simplified and we have noticeably reduced the number of customer complaints and queries ... Oddle is intuitive, flexible, easy to learn and implement. The Oddle team, with their extensive experience in F&B sales and marketing, is able to create a system that is truly beneficial for the industry.

Oddle is very user-friendly and easy for us to manage. It has reduced our backend workload greatly, saving us a lot of time and cost. Customer service is also great, we are able to problem solve very quickly and easily.


Salad Atelier generates substantial sales from Oddle's platform. 5 figures of sales figure is doable.

Oddle is able to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to track our online orders, which is vital as we increasingly place our focus on our restaurant’s online business.

Oddle has made our daily operations for non dine-in business much easier. Customers are able to make their purchases on the go. We are able to achieve up to 2 times turnover after using Oddle.

With Oddle, the system is already there so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The customers’ service and backend support are excellent so again there’s lesser effort required on the restaurant’s end.

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