Shift Traffic

#1 From your Facebook page to your online ordering menu

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Creating Call-to-action Buttons

Call To Action buttons, will help to guide your customers into taking action. Whether for finding out more or eventually making a purchase from you. To make things easier for your customer, bring them straight to the point! (Which in this case is an online ordering menu.) Afterall, someone looking for food probably wants it quick.

I can now easily recommend the coffee bean pre-ordering menu to loyal customers. It’s also hassle-free as my Facebook fans and customers don’t need to download yet another extra app.
— Jacko, The Point Café 交點咖啡

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#2 From your Website to your online ordering menu



Creating Clickthrough Buttons

Catch the attention of browsing users with funky and eye-catching buttons. More reminders on your navigation bar and display banners will help to capture an easily-distracted customer. It's simple, just link it to your online ordering menu.

The Oddle online ordering site has helped to convert our website traffic into real sales orders. With the large volume of orders we get daily, this backend system has helped direct these orders accurately to all relevant outlets in Hong Kong with ease.
— John Lui, Pizza Express HK

They've done it. Now's your turn!

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