Top 7 Best of Malaysia Mooncake Deals this Mid-Autumn Season!

Once again, the annual Mid-Autumn festival is just around the block. Falling on the 21st September this year, now is the perfect time to start browsing around for mooncakes online! If you’re looking for mooncake delivery options, worry no further as Oddle Eats has specially rounded up the Top 7 Best of Malaysia Mooncake Deals, ranging from various hotels and popular brands, for you to catch your hands on!

Top 7 Best of Malaysia Mooncake Deals this Mid-Autumn Season!

1. Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur

Timeless Baked Classics Premium Gift Set

First up on the list, have a shot at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur’s Timeless Baked Classics Mooncakes collection (RM208). One great thing for halal food lovers, all mooncakes sold contain no pork at all!

Each collection contains 4 pieces of timeless baked classics made with tender love and care. If you are a fan of the traditional mooncakes, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur offers the Mother-of-Pearl Pure Lotus Paste with Single Yolk mooncake or the White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk mooncake, both containing a creamy lotus texture, paired together with the savoury taste of the egg yolk. Want something with a little more crunch? Try the Assorted Fruits & Nuts mooncake from the Timeless Baked Classics Mooncakes collection!

Coated with layers of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing colours, these mooncakes are just the perfect treat to spice up your Instagram feed. Get the best of both worlds with Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur’s Timeless Baked Classics Mooncakes collection on Oddle Eats this Mid-Autumn season!

2. The Westin KL

Celestial Moon l Mooncake Bundle

If you are looking for a sweet treat this festive season, look no further! Celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with The Westin KL’s Celestial Moon l Mooncake Bundle (RM188). Immerse yourself in the elegance and exquisite design of the black and gold box, symbolising the idea of a moon rabbit travelling through a Celestial-like palace. With a box of 4 mooncakes, choose up to 8 different flavours of mooncakes. Besides your classic flavours such as the White Lotus Mooncake and Red Bean Mooncake, there are also special flavours such as the Creamy Milk Tea Mooncake, Chocolate Mooncake and many more. Sounds like an amazing treat to me!

Furthermore, for Halal food lovers, great news for you! With all mooncakes being Halal certified, invite all your Muslim friends and family to share the joy of this Mid-Autumn festival by feasting on the Celestial Moon l Mooncake Bundle together! 

Exclusive: Purchase 2 boxes of The Westin KL’s Celestial Moon l Mooncake Bundle at an attractive discount of 25%! Head over to Oddle Eats to redeem this amazing deal now!

3. Sheraton PJ

Pink Blossom- Limited Edition Snow Skin Mooncake Box

Sheraton PJ presents the Pink Blossom- Limited Edition Snow Skin Mooncake Box (RM148). With its mooncakes delightfully packaged into a simple yet beautifully packaged drawer, this unique sounding box is sure to catch the eyes of your friends and neighbours around you! 

Who knew that ginger could be a great combination with chocolate? With Sheraton PJ mooncakes, you get to try it out for yourselves. With unconventional pairings such as Ginger with Chocolate flavours or Chitose Strawberry with White Chocolate flavours, Sheraton PJ mooncakes are guaranteed to satisfy ALL of your delicate taste buds. Why not try something new during this Mid-Autumn festival today!

4. W Kuala Lumpur

Moonstruck Mooncake Box

Say hello to W Kuala Lumpur’s Moonstruck Mooncake Box (RM198) this festive season, where these mooncakes would certainly leave you all lovestruck! With an array of 6 different flavours to choose from, pick 4 of your favourite flavoured mooncakes such as Mint Red Bean mooncake or the Yellow Lotus Seed Paste With Double Yolk mooncake to add into your little Moonstruck Mooncake box. 

If you are a Cendol lover, why not have it in a mooncake as well? Pick a Cendol Coconut mooncake in your box and pair it with the rich Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk mooncake as well! Trust us, this combination would definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

And that’s not all! Each box of mooncakes comes with an exclusive Limited Edition Moonstruck Mooncake collection bag, coming in exquisite colours like Iridescent Blue or Luminous Purple. With it’s stylish yet practical design, bedazzle your friends by using it as a travel bag or purse!

5. Oriental Pavilion

潮州单黄芋泥 Single Egg Yolk & Yam Paste Teochew Style Mooncake

Look at this beauty! It is hard not to resist a piece of Oriental Pavilion’s Single Egg Yolk & Yam Paste Teochew Style Mooncake. As its golden puff pastry is structured in many delicate layers, representing harmony, one often finds themselves in awe of the beauty of this special mooncake. Adding on to that, with the aromatic fragrance of the yam shrouded by the crispy flakiness of the crust, this mooncake would surely leave you salivating and craving for more! Get yourself a piece on Oddle Eats at RM 35 this festive season, or even better, a box of 4 at a bundled price of RM 105!

冰皮单黄白莲蓉 White Lotus Paste & Single Egg Yolk Snow Skin Mooncake

Yet another wonderful creation by the Oriental Pavilion! The White Lotus Paste & Single Egg Yolk Snow Skin Mooncake, one of the shop’s best selling mooncakes this festive season. With the premium quality of lotus seeds used to make the White Lotus paste, coupled together with a magnificent orange egg yolk, this flavour mooncake hits just the right amount of sweet spot! Treat yourself one piece for RM 25, or RM 75 for a box of 4 with Oddle Eats this Mid-Autumn festival!

6. Baketime Bakery

Mooncake Box Bundle (6 unit) 精美礼盒 (六粒装)

If you are a fan of egg yolk, we have a treat for you! At the price of RM 45.50, feast on the Mooncake Box Bundle made specially by Baketime Bakery. Filled with 6 different egg yolk mooncake flavours to choose from, spoil yourself with unique flavours such as the Egg Yolk Pandan mooncake. 

Not only that, with it’s little bite-sized mooncakes, Baketime Bakery’s mooncakes are the ideal treat for a morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Feeling tired and grouchy in the morning? Pair their Egg Yolk Dark Lotus mooncake with a cup of piping hot tea to start your day right!

Opting for a healthier and diet-friendly choice? Baketime Bakery offers low sugar mooncakes such as the Egg Yolk Low Sugar Yam mooncake and the Egg Yolk Low Sugar Charcoal Chocolate. Head over to Oddle Eats and enjoy some guilt-free treats this festive season with Baketime Bakery!

7. Grab Bread

Shanghai Mooncake (Box of 6)

Not sure what to get for this Mid-Autumn festival season? It is time for you to grab some mooncakes with Grab Bread’s Shanghai Mooncake (Box of 6)! At RM 52.80, this box bundle contains a lovely mixture of flavours like the Red Bean Mooncake, Pandan Lotus Mooncake and the Taro Mooncake

With its crispy, yet buttery Shanghai twist complementing it’s traditional lotus paste and pandan filling, the Pandan Lotus Mooncake serves as the perfect treat for your family and friends! For those who love Red Bean, why not try Grab Bread’s Red Bean Mooncakes. The sweet classic taste of it’s red bean filling, coupled with a side of chamomile tea, is bound to leave many feeling satisfied and happy!

With Oddle Eats, let’s celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with Grab Bread’s Shanghai Mooncakes today!

With exclusive Mooncake Bundles from Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur, The Westin KL, Oriental Pavilion and more, Oddle Eats has got you covered with their online mooncake festival. Do not miss out on these exciting deals and head over to Oddle Eats to start shopping for mooncakes now!

Discover the full list of merchants waiting for you on our platform and have the perfect quality meal with Oddle Eats anywhere and everywhere. Wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival this season! 😉

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