Let us take your F&B brand to the next level

We Understand Your Marketing Challenges

Not Enough Manpower

Not Enough Marketing Expertise

Not Enough Marketing Budget

Meet Your Personal Restaurant Marketing Team

No Frills, Just Results

Concentrate on your passion for running an F&B business. Our team of marketing experts will develop a strategy with you and run tailored campaigns based on your goals.

Digitally Focused,
Performance Driven

Through our expertise in ads on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, we focus on where your customers are

Combined with our tried and tested digital marketing blueprint, your campaign will be focused on driving results to your online shopping cart.

Efficient & Scalable

With our focus on performance marketing, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to yield results.

Scale your business in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

Our Marketing-as-a-Service Blueprint


Months 1-3

Drive traffic to your online shopping cart through online ads.

Generate sign ups and build customer database.

Months 4-6

Convert your customer base through retargeting strategies.

Run email campaigns and performance analysis.


Constant analysis and optimization.

Continuous optimization leads to results at lower costs.

F&B brands on Oddle’s Marketing as a Service
experience a 50% increase in customers
and 80% increase in turnover.

F&B brands on Oddle’s
Marketing as a Service
experience a
50% increase
in customersand
80% increase
in turnover.

Marketing as a Service works best on

Oddle’s Online Ordering Solution

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