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Built With The Restaurant Owner in Mind


Real-time Orders Management

Get real-time alerts and confirm new orders with just a few taps! Sync online and offline orders on a single, consolidated dashboard.


Built-in POS

Forget about messy paper orders all over your store! Offline and online orders go into the same centralised system. Generate invoices with a built-in POS. Even better, connect to a printer for an end-to-end transactional support.  


F&B Specific Features

Your operational needs are put first: from setting up delivery areas, fine-tuning fulfilment time options to offering multi-store support.

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Easy Setup

No matter how detailed your menu is, our tried and tested workflow ensures that bringing your restaurant online is a breeze. Need to make important changes to your menu? Do it in minutes. 


Understand Your Customers

From your customers' favourite dishes to how they discovered your brand, discover insights that will help you connect with your audience better than ever before.


Industry Standard Analytics

Data speaks. Understand your business through simple but effective analytics to propel your brand to next level. 

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