Oddle Believes Reservations Should Be Free

Free Restaurant Reservation System in Hong Kong

Offering a free restaurant reservation system might seem radical to many, but for Oddle, it’s all down to good business sense and a desire to always put restaurants first.

The biggest misconception most restaurant owners have about third-party reservation platforms is that that they create incremental revenue.

While they do help streamline operational efficiency and increase restaurant engagement with customers, they are ultimately only useful in acting as a digital doorway. Consumer research has shown that customers do not actively discern between the reservation platforms restaurants use, excluding it as a factor in the decision-making process of which restaurants to dine at.

This is why our latest feature, Oddle Reserve, is a free restaurant reservation system offered as part of our full suite of omnichannel solutions that includes Oddle e-shop, QR Ordering, and Payment Terminals.

We’re mavericks, not conformists

But why make reservations free? How does this make profit sense for Oddle?

It’s simple, really.

Operating a digital reservations platform only requires nominal costs. The advent of COVID-19 has accelerated the progression into the digital age, and as merchants become more tech-savvy, they will inevitably uncover this truth.

That’s when they’ll start asking the real questions: why should they pay for a reservations platform? They can easily build their own through free-to-use sites like WordPress and Squarespace, or embed free booking widgets on their existing websites. Gone will be the days where third-party platforms can justify their charge-per-cover or subscription fee models.

Instead of eating away at earnings that should otherwise fully belong to the merchant, Oddle believes in working with them as true revenue partners, rallying towards the goal of long-term success.

The best customers always return

Rather than charging merchants every time a customer walks through the door, Oddle Reserve (seamlessly integrated with ‘Reserve with Google’) allows restaurants full control over their organic reservations. F&B owners will be able to grow their online presence and boost their revenue without the pervasive fear of hidden charges.

But more than that, Oddle’s omnichannel suite (including Reservations, e-shop, QR Ordering, and Payment Terminals) allows for customer data to be captured through multiple streams, giving you a more unified view of who your customers are and how to keep them coming back.

After all, the best customer is one who always returns, and it is through repeat visits that incremental revenue is created. At Oddle, we strive to make this happen with value-added functions like ‘Tickets’.

We succeed only when you do

Under ‘Tickets’ (fully integrated with Oddle Reserve), restaurants will be able to run promotions or discounts to drive demand during lull periods, charge a premium during peak periods, and implement small deposits to prevent no shows—which account for a whopping 30 % loss in revenue on average.

Our per-usage fees (3.4%, inclusive of payment gateway charges) are only activated when tickets are sold. By tying our success to yours, we have a greater impetus to help you power your sales with our domain expertise and managed marketing efforts.

More than a platform, Oddle is on a mission to help you drive your restaurant’s profitability, and our free restaurant reservation system brings you a step closer to your next business milestone.