8 鼠(shu)per Chinese New Year Bundles, Yusheng & Pen Cai To Cater For Your Festive Feasts (With Island-wide Delivery!)

Time truly passes fast when you’re having fun. As most of us start wrapping up Christmas celebrations, a fair amount of us are well on our way preparing for the Lunar New Year.

It’s a yearly affair that is no different from the last, yet we habitually wait for all the cues. Local supermarkets will start blasting Chinese New Year tunes, selling canned abalone that’ll be capped per pax and strategically parking stacks of ready-made yusheng by the entrance. Unforgettably, the chimes of lion dance troupes will begin echoing down streets and ringing through your head.

The signs are clear as day: Time to make your Chinese New Year feast arrangements! From all of us at Oddle, let our island-wide delivery service bring you 8 鼠(shu)per CNY Bundles, Halal Yusheng and Pen Cai. Trust us – these are some g-rat-ifying deals you can’t miss!

1. A-One Claypot House (CNY Bundle)

CNY is a time for red packets and lion dance troupes to parade our streets but more importantly, it’s a time for families to gather by the table and chat over a delectable reunion feast. The humble family restaurant A-One Claypot House have assembled some auspicious sets for you to welcome the Year of the Rat with an unforgettable feast!

Opt from the Joyous Family Set (S$228 for 4 pax), Blissful Family Set (S$328 for 6 pax) and Auspicious Family Set (S$428 for 8 pax, $528 for 10 pax), all including their Abundant Earth Yusheng and Abalone Premium Claypot.

Hearty, homely and heavenly all-in-one, send your orders in to A-One for a-one-of-a-kind dining experience in the comfort of your home!

* Available until 8 Feb 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

A-One Claypot House: Order Here | Website | Facebook

2. Bali Thai (Halal Yusheng)

While the Lunar New Year cues inaugural reunions, house-visiting and endless feasts, the occasion also call for corporate celebrations to usher in good fortune with the New Year. Bali Thai has tossed up two special yusheng sets so our Muslim and vegetarian friends can mingle and munch along! Yes – the popular Thai restaurant is Halal-certified which makes them a fantastic one-stop-shop this Lunar New Year.

The Prosperity Thai Yusheng (S$29.90++ for 5 pax, S$49.90++ for 10 pax) comes with your casting choice of fresh salmon, fresh prawn or crispy salmon skin as the scene-stealer. The star-studded treat also features pomelo, cashew nuts, green mango, jellyfish, assorted condiments and a homemade Thai special sauce as supporting actors.

Their Vegetarian Thai Yusheng (S$29.90++ for 5 pax, S$49.90++ for 10 pax) is crowned with fried mushrooms and takes on a fruiter note. This premium treat is generously topped with pomelo, green mango, strawberry, kiwi, assorted condiments and homemade Thai vegetarian plum sauce.

You can count on Bali Thai to execute and deliver a fuss-free feast for your corporate celebration, family reunion or business luncheon this CNY 2020. Pop your orders in now!

* Available until 8 Feb 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

Bali Thai: Order Here | Website | Facebook

3. Dian Xiao Er (CNY Bundle)

You’ve probably heard of them before because Dian Xiao Er is surely no stranger when it comes to grand feasts. Their CNY Festive Celebration Sets (starting from S$49++ per pax) have 3 editions for you to choose from: Premium, Classic Signatures and Golden Fortune.

To usher in that extra bit of prosperity this Year of the Rat, the Golden Fortune bundle comes with additional premium seafood courses – Bei Fung Tong Style Steamed White Pomfret and Luxurious Abalone Treasure Pot. It comes at an extra cost but we think it’s definitely worth the extra huat (and yum!)

Exclusively on CNY eve (24 Jan 2020), Dian Xiao Er will be bundling convenient delivery packages and takeaways for your reunion dinners. For larger gatherings, you’d want to consider the 4-in-1 Package (S$149.80/small, S$220.80/large), which consists of a Whole Herbal Roast Duck, Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng, Dong Po Pork, Braised Mushroom, Sea Cucumber and Abalone. 

You name it, they’ve got it. Better hurry though, before the orders start piling as fast as their queues grow!

* Available until 9 Feb 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

Dian Xiao Er: Order Here | Website | Facebook

4. Hutong (Yusheng)

Some may argue yusheng’s are overrated but hey – is the Lunar New Year really complete without the ritualistic practice of shouting out auspicious phrases and making a mess on the table?

For smaller occasions, the acclaimed northern Chinese restaurant Hutong’s premium Yusheng (S$33.80++) feeds three to five people, with your choice between Clam Abalone or Salmon as the star of the (edible) show. Simple, convenient and oh-so divine!

* Available until 8 Feb 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

Hutong: Order Here | Website | Facebook

5. Nature Vegetarian Delights (Vegetarian Yusheng & Pen Cai)

For all plant-based eaters out there, fret not! Nature Vegetarian Delights has thoughtfully put together some cherished CNY essentials – meat-free!

Have a go at their Prosperity Abalone Yusheng (S$36.80/regular, S$52.80/large), featuring vegetarian abalone slices, in-house made special sauce, signature baked crackers, assorted vegetables and condiments.

For something more upscale, NVD’s Treasure Pot (S$168/regular, S$248/large) comes with all vegetarian abalone, golden duck, prawns, fortune chicken, stuffed tau pok (beancurd puff) and assorted vegetables. If you’re looking for Vegetarian options for your next corporate function or family party, this is one for all to eat and enjoy!

* Available until 8 Feb 2020. Not available from 23 – 30 Jan 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

Nature Vegetarian Delights: Order Here | Website | Facebook

6. Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant (CNY Bundle, Pen Cai & Yusheng)

Here’s one popular restaurant whose island-wide delivery service that you probably didn’t know about. Flying high with 105 unique dishes revolving around Sichuan cuisine, the dedicated team at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant have put together a meticulous banquet befitting royalty.

Usher in the Year of the Rat with their Prosperity Silver Bait and Homemade Bakkwa with Fresh Greens Yusheng and Mouse-shaped Fugu Sashimi (S$198) and Premium Grand Fortune Pen Cai (S$438/small, S$538/large), championed with abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw. The CNY Set Packages (S$60 – $88 per pax) holds equal affluence with Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall and other signature Sichuan dishes.

For larger firms looking to cater a luxurious feast to usher in paramount luck, prosperity, wealth, success, health (the list goes on) for the company and employees, Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant promises an immaculate ceremony. Get those pre-orders in!

* Available until 9 Feb 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant: Order Here | Website | Facebook

7. Soup Restaurant (CNY Bundle, Pen Cai & Yusheng)

Now, many of us probably know Soup Restaurant for their famed Samsui Chicken but did you know they deliver island-wide? The popular family joint have got an all-in-one bundle for your celebrations ready for pre-orders throughout the festive period, except for CNY eve.

The team over at Soup Restaurant have put together one ultimate CNY Reunion Take Away Set (S$308) featuring Baby Abalone Yusheng, Wellness Abalone Treasure Pot and Traditional Steamed Rice with Mushrooms and Chinese Sausage and not forgetting – their signature Samsui Ginger Chicken. The bundle feeds five but hey, double down on the sets and you’ll have an extravagant spread to g-rat-ify 10! Individual items are available a la carte as well so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

* Available until 9 Feb 2020. Not available on 24 Jan 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

Soup Restaurant: Order Here | Website | Facebook

8. White Restaurant (CNY Bundle & Yusheng)

Like most others, White Restaurant have combined auspicious meal bundles – Bountiful Set (S$268/6 pax, S$438/10 pax), Fortune Set (S$318/6 pax, S$528/10 pax) and Prosperity Set (S$438/6 pax, S$808/10 pax). All sets are graced by the signature favourites – Signature White Beehoon and Prosperity Abalone Yusheng.

Whether or not you’re familiar with White Restaurant, we’re sure the visual of their famed noodle dish will strike a chord. Yes – they deliver island-wide! Cut the added stress of having to wait for a table or brace the long queues.

Take your pick from White Restaurant’s strong line-up of CNY bundles and have the goodness delivered to you!

* Available until 9 Feb 2020. Island-wide delivery fees apply.

White Restaurant: Order Here | Website | Facebook

We know how hectic the Chinese New Year arrangements can be like, especially if you’re catering for a corporate luncheon, company event or a simple family reunion. Our guide narrows down your options for a luxurious feast at your best convenience and at the best steals.

Let us bring you a squeaky-clean, fuss-free and luxurious feast. For more recommendations on where to order your CNY bundles, yusheng and pen cai from, check out our Feastbump page for more. Rat’s all folks, pop your orders in early and huat ah!

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