Morty’s Triumphs Over Barriers To Going Online

1. Tell us more about your brand’s story and why you decided to start Morty’s.

We started Morty’s because of our founders’ love for Smoked meats and Pastrami sandwiches. They wanted a KATZ style place in Hong Kong where people could enjoy good pastrami sandwiches together with our assortment of smoked meats. As everything is done in-house, we have more autonomy for quality control and the ability to give our customers a taste of New York City!

2. What’s the most interesting/unique part of Morty’s journey thus far?

It would be our online festive feast – our second seasonal shop with Oddle. For this menu, we offer Thanksgiving and Christmas packages to our customers. We love giving our customers the chance to enjoy the Western holidays in the comfort of their homes, especially since not everyone has an oven and can cook up these dishes!

3. Was online ordering always part of your business’s plan?

Yes. However, our biggest concern was in choosing the right service provider to engage. We didn’t want to be charged commission fees for the services and sacrifice any profits made from our orders.

4. What was your biggest fear in going online?

We were worried that we’d be too swamped with orders, but the Oddle team informed us that we can turn off our shopping cart anytime. We also like that Oddle is a separate entity from their delivery services. That is why we discontinued our partnerships with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Foodpanda. Oddle really provides top-notch support to their clients.

5. How was your experience after using Oddle?

We find the Oddle solution good, extremely efficient and user-friendly. We love that the backend dashboard is so customizable.

6. Has Oddle helped your brand? If so, how? Do you feel that the experience in managing Morty’s orders has improved after coming on board with Oddle?

Yes, the Oddle solution gives us the option to accept large orders thus enabling us to cater to big companies and their events. Oddle has also helped us with time management and allowed us to fulfil all our orders. On top of that, our shop manager’s professionalism and experience also contributed to the success of our online business.

7. If there were 3 words to describe Oddle, what would it be?

Convenient, reliable and supportive.

8. Is growth possible with Oddle?

Yes, of course. Just by offering a third party delivery support, Morty’s experienced growth with Oddle.

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