Marketing tips for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner, are you prepared for it yet? This worldwide celebration on our love for our mothers falls on May 8 and has led to a significant increase in the number of google searches for this celebration lately.

If you are not one that tap on such events for a marketing boost, maybe you should give it a shot. Here are 3 easy tips that you can use.

1) Online Ordering/Take-away Promotions/Packages

One of the greatest pains that customers face on such occasions is the insane crowd everywhere which makes it less enjoyable for a celebration.  Customers tend to turn to online ordering for a solution.

By ordering online for delivery/ takeaway, customers can not only give their mothers a break from cooking and pamper them with good food, they can also have an enjoyable experience to eat in the comfort of their home (and most importantly, they can avoid the crowd!!). Offering promotions would give customers another reason to order online!

2)  Making it look like it

It can make a big difference on how  consumers perceive you by revamping your web page or just simply adding a banner. To stay current, your website has to stay fresh and updated so that your customers will not feel out of touch and you can achieve a better connection with them.

3) A little thoughtful gesture

It doesn’t always have to revolve around promotions and discounts. Prepare a special treatment or a little something for your customers on  this occasion. On Mother’s Day, you can offer a free dessert or free drinks for women! Alternatively, you can include a unique dish in the menu as an initiative to celebrate this special occasion.

Such occasions should not be treated solely as a marketing boost for your business, but rather, take it as a golden opportunity for you to give back to the heart of your business – the customers that have supported you.


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