Baked in Chelsea Dishes Out Recipe For Success

1. Was online ordering always part of your business’s plan?

Yes, I’ve always wanted Baked in Chelsea to be an online-based business only. Our concern was finding a perfect platform for it… and Oddle came along.

2. How was your experience after using Oddle?

The service provided by Oddle has been very efficient. If I ever had any problems, Anissa would get back to me immediately. The system is easy to use and arranges my orders systematically. It also prevents me from making mistakes with my orders as the system automatically keeps an accurate record of them in detail.

3. Has Oddle helped your brand? If so, how?

It has helped me, ultimately, to keep track of my orders.

4. Do you feel that the experience in managing Baked In Chelsea’s orders has improved after coming on board with Oddle?

Most definitely.

5. If there were 3 words to describe Oddle, what would it be?

Efficient, Systematic, Helpful

6. Is growth possible with Oddle?

Baked in Chelsea operates on a small scale. However, if I ever plan to expand my business, I’d definitely still use Oddle to grow my business further.

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