The Sweet Taste Of Expansion For Nine Fresh

1. Tell us more about your brand’s story and why you decided to start Nine Fresh?

Back in 2012, we saw that many Taiwanese desserts were introduced in Southeast Asia, but not in Singapore. We then realised that it was an excellent opportunity for us to fill this gap in the local desserts scene. We also have friends who mentioned that they loved the Taro ball desserts in 九份 (Jiufen, Taiwan), but they were unable to find them in Singapore.

2. What’s the most interesting/unique part of Nine Fresh’s journey thus far?

We are deeply blessed and thankful for how much we have grown throughout the years – from 1 outlet in 2012 to 17 outlets today. It is all thanks to the love and support from our very loyal customers who have been with us since Day 1 ?

3. Was online ordering always part of your business’s plan?

It was always in our plan to make our desserts easily available for our customers, especially when customers started reaching out to us for huge event orders.

4. How was your experience after using Oddle?

Our experience with Oddle is great. We’ve seen an increase in our large orders. The user interface of the backend dashboard is pretty seamless and easy to use too.

5. Has Oddle helped your brand? If so, how?

We received more online orders since we launched our Oddle shopping cart. It is a user-friendly platform that eases the ordering process for our customers and the order tracking procedure for us internally.

6. If there were 3 words to describe Oddle, what would it be?

Efficient, User-Friendly, Value-Adding.

7. Is growth possible with Oddle?

Definitely yes.

8. Other Comments

We are most impressed with the efficiency and top-notch assistance we have been receiving since the day we embarked on our journey with Oddle. Thank you so much to everyone at Oddle!

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