A Slice Of Advice From Butter Studio

1. Tell us more about your brand’s story and why you decided to start Butter Studio?

The origin of Butter Studio was inspired by the craft of traditional home baking. Also, we believe that no celebration is ever complete without cake!

2. Was online ordering always part of your business’s plan?

Yup, we have always believed in the importance of having our gourmet bakes as accessible to our customers as possible. Hence, we knew the way to achieve this is through online ordering.

3. What was your biggest fear in going online?

We were worried that our products would not be well-represented online, as our customers would only be able to see our products with just the photos available on our website. Especially when it comes to perishable food items like cakes.

4. How was your experience after using Oddle?

Our experience with Oddle has been good. The dashboard is very user-friendly.

5. Do you feel that the experience in managing your orders has improved after coming on board with Oddle?

Yup. With the analytics dashboard available, we are able to understand our customers better in terms of their online ordering behaviour and trends (e.g. most popular item last month). With that, we can adjust our offerings to cater our customer demand fully.

6. Is growth possible with Oddle?

Yup, and we look forward to more features from Oddle! 🙂

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