NOM Bistro & Bakery’s Ultimate Recipe For F&B Growth

1. Tell us more about your brand’s story and why you decided to start NOM Bistro & Bakery.

In 2012, my partner started a Gelato business. Subsequently, we wanted to venture into selling hot foods as well. Hence, we decided to open a casual café serving simple and affordable food. We prepare all our products from scratch with no preservatives. Even our burger buns and pizza dough are all handmade, right in our kitchen.

2. What’s the most interesting/unique part of NOM Bistro & Bakery’s journey thus far?

Starting a F&B business is relatively doable. But sustaining it would be the challenge. You can only grow a business if you’re able to sustain it. Throughout our 4-year journey, we saw a lot of customers bringing their children to our café during weekends. That made us realize that there is an increasing demand for family-friendly food establishments. As such, we catered to that trend and created a play area with children books and a slide. This way, our customers are able to dine and chat while their children enjoy themselves in the play area. This also opened up opportunities for us to host family gatherings and celebrations.

3. Was online ordering always part of your business’s plan?

When we first started, we did not consider online ordering at all. A few years later, we decided that it’s something we can’t avoid. Now, with many consumers seeking convenience, they want their food delivered right to their doorstep. With the rising trend of online ordering, we realized that we might lose our customers if we didn’t hop onboard and go online.

4. What was your biggest fear in going online?

My biggest fear was the marketing aspect; how we were going to get our brand and name out. We were worried that no customers would order online from us.

5. How was your experience after using Oddle?

We tried to build our own online system initially, but the developer we hired couldn’t give us what we wanted – it was not suitable for our F&B business needs at all. That’s until we found Oddle. The Oddle solution is fuss-free, simple to use, and relatively cheaper than building a software from scratch (i.e. paying a 5-digit fee to a developer who have no knowledge of the F&B industry). The platform is quite seamless too.

6. If there were 3 words to describe Oddle, what would it be?

F&B friendly, seamless, and effective.

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