Restaurant Owner Develops Online Order Management System

Oddle co-founders, Lim Ze Yan (left) and Pua Yong Xiang (right).

Lim Ze Yan, the co-founder of Oddle, was recently interviewed by Singapore’s Shin Min Daily News. Read on to discover the story of Oddle and its future plans! The original article was written by SGSME.SG.

6-Month Development

33-year-old restaurant owner, Lim Ze Yan, has developed an online order management system. In a short span of 4 years, this order management system is used globally by 1500 restaurants, including renowned brands like Hai Di Lao and Kim San Leng.

In March 2014, Lim Ze Yan (33 years old) and Pua Yong Xiang (33 years old) co-founded a technology company called Oddle, with the aim help restaurants grow their delivery and takeout business with an online ordering system.

As a restaurant owner, Lim Ze Yan has garnered significant experience in F&B operations. Amongst the many challenges he faced when running his restaurant was the lack of an organised integration of his delivery orders – this was one of the biggest pain points he encountered.

“In the past, customers placed orders through traditional ways like SMSes, calls or emails. These methods lack efficiency.”

Although there are many food delivery platforms in the market, Ze Yan added that the other platforms charge high commissions, and they do not allow for advance or large orders.

“For example, if a company or family hosts a dinner party, they’d have to order large quantities of food in advance – this is hard to achieve on the other platforms. Furthermore, the commissions these platforms charge are not in line with operating needs of restaurants.”

Therefore, Lim Ze Yan, together with Pua Yong Xiang, spent 6 months developing an online ordering system that not only enables customers to order in advance but also allows F&B business owners to browse and organise their orders seamlessly.

He revealed that the company currently has 55 employees, operates in 6 countries (e.g. Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and has more than 1500 restaurants using the system.

“In Singapore, we have close to 700 merchants onboard; some notable ones include Hai Di Lao, Kim San Leng, and Paris Baguette.”

Future Plans: Improve Ordering Function

The company plans to enhance its marketing services, and also improve the ordering function on its online ordering system.

Lim Ze Yan compares the online ordering system to a “fishing rod”. Its primary function is to serve as a foundation for restaurant owners to compete in the online ordering industry. Restaurant owners need to strategically devise marketing strategies as their bait to “fish” (i.e. attract customers to order).

However, as he realises that marketing is not many restaurants’ strong suit, he decided to launch marketing services to further assist restaurant owners.

He added that the company aims to improve the online ordering system, specifically the ordering functions, by the end of this year.

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