3 Reasons To Ride The Food Delivery Wave


As technology continues to advance, the way your customer orders food has evolved. By 2025, Gen Y and Z will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce. These millennials are the two demographic groups that will shape the F&B scene. Supported by Charlotte Sutton, Google’s restaurant industry manager, it is of paramount importance that your restaurant understands what your audience wants. They will be the ones who drive your sales in the future years. Having been exposed to the virtual world at a young age, it has been reported that they are the ones pushing the revolutionary popularity of online ordering - which is growing 300% quicker than dine-in traffic.

Bonnie Riggs, an analyst in NPD Group, concludes that “the most popular place to eat out this year will be our home”. With thousands of brands on the online ordering system bandwagon, unequivocally, you should think about riding on the online food ordering wave too.


Cater to Your Customers with an Online Ordering System

1. Consumer Lifestyle

The rise of apps and systems in place has changed your customers’ lifestyle. Convenience is what your customers are looking for. They no longer have to call to make a reservation, they can just do it through a reservation app. Many do grocery shopping online instead of going to the market to pick out their snacks and drinks. The introduction of online food ordering gives your customers the privilege of enjoying food at home.

As mentioned by Nation’s Restaurant News, 92 percent of consumers search for a restaurant on a mobile web browser. Consumers today seek speed and convenience when finding a restaurant to order from, and what better way to do so than via a smartphone? In fact, 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within 1 hour.

And the best part? With an online ordering system, your potential customer may just be one click away from ordering your food online!


2. Wider Customer Reach

We all know of that one restaurant which serves delicious food but is located on the other side of town. Though the food might be great, the idea of the store being far or inaccessible is often a turn off to diners. Let’s face it, it would be such a waste if your restaurant lost out to your competitors solely because of location.


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So how can you extend your reach and offer a solution to this group of customers? You guessed it! Having an online ordering system enables you to reach an islandwide customer base. Your restaurant’s sales will no longer be restricted to a neighbourhood-centric audience or foot traffic. Instead of waiting for customers to chance upon your store, reach out to them in the technology world. Develop an online shopping cart that allows your potential customer to click away at the different items and wait to receive their food right at their doorsteps.

To top it off, with Google’s quest to bring the Internet to the next billion people, the potential customer base you can reach is only going to expand.

3. Customer Retention

Your restaurant can better retain customers with an online ordering system. Once a customer places an order online, their contact and order details are stored in your dashboard. Instead of worrying how to draw new customers, you can make full use of these existing customers' data to push out new menu items or promotions and convert them into loyal returning customers. With these data and insights available on hand, you will also be able to devise your marketing efforts that are better focused on your customers’ buying patterns and behaviour.

Did you know: An online customer has higher chances of re-ordering within 60 days than a walk-in customer, as online platforms are more accessible.


Limitations of Offline Ordering

For what it’s worth, the traditional method of taking orders offline may not make sense in the long run. Not only is there no integration of the different sales channels (e.g. Facebook, calls), your restaurant also has to spend precious resources on manning the multiple channels consistently to prevent any missed orders. With offline ordering, your restaurant also runs the risk of no-shows or prank orders because your customers are not required to pay as they order.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution. An online ordering system helps you make payment a requirement when placing an order, and on top of which, your customers have the freedom to use whichever payment methods they like. In addition, you can enjoy real-time order management and confirm orders with just a few taps.



The Future of The F&B Scene

If you’re looking to grow your F&B business and take in more orders even after operating hours, taking your restaurant online is the way to go. It’s easier than you think. Having a 24/7 ordering platform resolves your pain point of missing orders either because you are busy with dine-in customers, or simply because your restaurant is closed. After studying the purchasing patterns of transactions over Oddle’s online ordering system, we have noticed that 22% of the total online orders come in after the restaurants’ operating hours.

Lull periods and idling staff can be a massive headache for F&B businesses. With online orders streaming in, you can arrange for deliveries or pickups during off-peak timings. Moreover, your Oddle shopping cart can be easily integrated into your other sales channels like Facebook. The future of F&B is in online ordering, and it is for you to take advantage of its profitability and benefits.


Oddle: The All-in-One, Affordable Solution

Now that we have shared why you need an online ordering system, do you feel like you’re raring to go? If you are, we’ve got some good news for you! For as little as US$4 a day, you can enjoy all the benefits with Oddle’s online ordering system. Get in touch with us for a free demo today!


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