Why F&B Brands Should Empower Their Operations Through Tech

In order to solve all your operational hassles and empower your business, it’s time to change the way you operate on a daily basis. Our friends from CarPal highlight some of the best features a delivery management software has to offer to F&B companies.

We live in a fast-paced digital world where online purchases and deliveries happen continuously. The F&B world alone sees many big players, which changes the pace of the e-commerce landscape by offering a wealth of options. At the same time, the behaviour of an average consumer is also changing rapidly.

Today, chances are as a digital shopper, you would want to receive your delivery on the same day you placed it and that’s completely understandable.

As consumers, we want to receive items faster, which prompts online retailers to offer more options and diversity in terms of products.

In the food sector alone, online deliveries have increased considerably. With the possibility of ordering food online with a single tap on a device, consumers have literally redefined the way restaurants handle their last-mile delivery.

In order to adapt to this growing demand for speed, versatility and quality triggered by consumers, more companies choose to change their delivery game by being in control of their operations and having the ability to manage their deliveries hands-on.

But in the midst of this process, a new challenge arises: how do you improve your on-demand delivery process and make your operations more efficient?

According to a CBRE report, “e-commerce continues to challenge the traditional supply chain. As a result, distributors have altered their supply chains to augment the traditional logistics platform that relied on regional distribution, to one that includes an urban logistics schema with locations that serve consumer hot spots.”

Image credit: CBRE

This means that the last-mile delivery sector is experiencing major changes as more companies no longer rely on a distant warehouse to transport their goods, choosing to move into smaller locations closer to the city centre.

A solution is integrating an innovative on-demand delivery software which paves the way for operations managers to seamlessly manage their business and for customers to have a better delivery experience

Gain transparency and visibility

Transparency is highly valued by both customers and deliverers today. Besides the fact that tracking a delivery allows you to control the entire supply chain process, you will also be able to communicate directly with your drivers at any stage should there be any issue.

Communication through tech is known to bring more transparency and visibility to both parties which in turn empowers your company considerably. With features like push notifications, alerts, and real-time tracking, you will observe first-hand how the last-mile logistics sector empowers your operations.

Focus on client retention

A successful company constantly ensures that its customers are satisfied by offering complete transparency into the delivery processes.

Through tech, your company will have the opportunity to build a closer relationship with your customers by understanding their needs and completely catering to their requirements.

In today’s competitive market, F&B companies need to understand the need to take extra steps for the most loyal clients in order to have the potential to grow as a business.

Build a competitive brand

Through tech, you can take your company to different heights turning the delivery experience into a channel to understand and delight customers.

By showing loyalty to customers and providing end-to-end visibility, you can offer a holistic experience and help in further customer acquisition. This will enhance your professional image as a company and at the same time, allow your team to work smarter by using the latest softwares on the market.

Measure results first-hand

Data in last-mile delivery plays a tremendous role and although it may seem overwhelming to many, it can actually be simplified by organizing it into metrics, which reflect real-time information about your delivery processes.

Data can be used to improve efficiency within your workforce and keep control of the operations so that you can easily act and improve your current workflows.

By keeping track of your data, not only can you monitor your entire fleet smoothly, but also check the driver performance, so you know how to better manage them in the future. This is an important feature as you can gather information on your customers and customize your services based on their requirements.

For instance, with the help of an interactive analytics page, you’ll be able to view historical data on orders, drivers and customers in actionable graphics, making it easier to identify peak hours, seasonality, as well as forecast future delivery needs.

To show loyalty to customers, many brands will have to provide end-to-end visibility, from placing the order to receiving it, creating a holistic experience. By integrating tech into their workflows, companies can efficiently solve all their hassles and focus on a solution that is cost-effective, time-saving and will easily help them optimize deliveries.

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