Turn Customer Data Into Cash With These 3 Simple Tips

Restaurant owners are constantly looking out for new ways to remain competitive. From store expansions to bringing their business online, they’re trying everything to outshine their competitors.

Listening to your customers is crucial in gaining the competitive edge. There’s no magic to keep customers coming back. But with customer data and some simple email marketing tools, you can work your magic.

Let’s take a look at 3 tips on how to increase your profits using customer data!

Tip #1: Build loyalty with email exclusives

Building loyalty among your restaurant’s customers takes consistent effort and a lot of time. So how can customer data help ease the process? Integrated online ordering systems can give you access to a downloadable list of valuable customer data. This includes email addresses, order history and even the number of orders made via your online platform. For starters, take note of your restaurant’s most valuable customers (such as top spenders).

Strengthen your brand’s relationship with these customers by creating email campaigns. While there are many types of email marketing campaigns, launch one which best fits your restaurant’s needs. You can email them promo codes, secret menus and even invite them to small events at your restaurant!

Mailchimp can help you send these customised emails to each of your customers. Reaching out to your valued customers means that they’ll spread the word about your restaurant’s online ordering platform for you. All you have to do is look forward to a larger number of orders and higher profits!

In a nutshell:

Make your most valued customers feel appreciated with promotions created specially for them. It’s the best way to get them talking about your restaurant and spreading your brand awareness.

Tip #2: Draw in customers with drip campaigns

A drip campaign is an automated process of emailing bits of information to your potential customers over a period of time. These easy-to-execute campaigns help you nurture and build a relationship with your customers.

Once your customer base grows, you’re bound to see customers who create accounts only to order from you once or never at all. How can you convert these ‘ghost accounts’ into customers?

Once you’ve mastered promotional email campaigns, you can start experimenting with drip campaigns. Try using Drip to start your own automated emailing campaign.

To engage the right group of customers, you’ll have to take some time to look through your customer list. Pick out customers who are inactive on their accounts and enter their email addresses into the drip campaign. With each email that is automatically sent to them, the likeliness that they’ll remember your brand increases. Soon enough, they might just start ordering from your online platform.

In a nutshell:

Pick out inactive customers from your customer list and enter their email addresses into an email drip campaign. It’ll help you build a strong relationship with your customers.

Tip #3: Seal loopholes with order tracking

Giving your customers the best online experience possible should be your top priority. Which is why constant evaluation of your menu offerings is essential. Spotting loopholes in your system may seem like a challenging process. But customer data can change that. All you have to do is to spot trends in customer behaviour. This can be done by analysing each customer’s order history found at the back-end of your integrated online ordering platform.

Once you track customer behaviour, it will become clear to you what needs to be fixed. If many customers are not meeting your online shopping cart’s minimum order requirement, for example, it’s probably a sign for you to change it. It may seem troublesome to make these changes to your online ordering platform. But it need not be! An intuitive and user-friendly ordering platform like Oddle is a breeze for you to manage. Not only that, it’s also almost effortless for your online customers. This means greater customer satisfaction for them and better sales for you. Isn’t that great?

In a nutshell:

Spot and fix loopholes in menu offerings by analysing trends in customer behaviour. Your backend system can help you achieve this, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Customer data is a powerful tool

Customer data makes it’s easier to reach out to your customers in a focused and targeted way. Tracking this data allows you to understand your customers well and create a better online ordering experience for them. But remember that support from your customers does not come by chance. Always be consistent in tracking your data and creating new email campaigns and soon enough, you’ll bear the fruits of your labour!

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