8 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Online Ordering Platform Matters To Your Customers

Every restaurant’s top priority is to serve its customers the best dining experience possible. But satisfying diners’ wants and needs becomes increasingly difficult by the day. Consumers are adopting new lifestyles. They’ve started going online and technology has become integrated into their daily lives. With consumer behaviour evolving at such a rate, how can your restaurant adapt to these changes without compromising on your identity?

Check this out. According to the National Restaurant Association, 61% of consumers say that they would order delivery from a table service restaurant if the service was offered. Clearly, online ordering is sizzling up in the restaurant scene, which is why you should consider implementing an online ordering system for your restaurant!

Still not convinced that it can create a better experience for your diners? Here are 8 reasons why your restaurant’s online ordering platform actually matters to your customers.

1. Convenience like never before

Consumers are busy people, and waiting aimlessly for their food is the last thing they’d want to do after a long day at work. With a ton of responsibilities to bear, what diners want when it comes to food is convenience.

But how can restaurants create convenience for these consumers? The National Restaurant Association says that 72% of consumers believe that restaurant technology can do the trick. With online ordering, diners can place orders for their food on-the-go or from the comfort of their own homes. Once that’s done, diners can even choose to pick up their orders in person or have it delivered right to their doorstep!

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

As online orders start to roll in, your restaurant can prepare the food just in time for it to be picked up. This means that you can plan ahead, prioritising each online order based on its collection time, all while serving your dine-in customers. Efficiency and effectiveness has never been so optimal!

2. No more time constraints

With online ordering, diners can browse through the menu at their own time and pace. They even have the freedom to compare prices among different menus and outlets! This type of leisure-like, pressure-free experience is what makes online ordering so popular among your customers. Ultimately, the entire process from how long it takes to place an order to what they want to eat or drink is controlled by them.

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

The best part about having an online ordering system is that you get insights to the number of orders you get each day. With this information, you can gauge when your restaurant will be busiest and prepare logistics and manpower in advance to combat these peak periods instead of having to estimate your dine-in crowd.

3. Location isn’t an issue

We all know of that one restaurant which serves delicious food but is located on the other side of town. And as much as the food might be great, the idea of food outlets being far or inaccessible is often a turn off to diners.

It would be a waste if your restaurant lost out to your competitors solely because of location. So how can you extend your reach and offer a solution to this group of customers? You guessed it! By having your very own online ordering platform, users can place their order online and have it delivered straight to the location of their choice at a nominal fee. Gone are the days when they had to go through the trouble of visiting your restaurant to enjoy quality food.

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

We understand that due to certain circumstances, it might not be feasible for some restaurants to deliver nationwide. If that is the case for your restaurant, don’t fret. Our system allows you to select the zones you want to make your delivery services available in! What’s more, you have the autonomy to offer just pick-up services. It’s truly your choice.

4. Getting exactly what they want

There’s nothing more frustrating than opening a to-go container only to find that the food is different from what you ordered! Sadly, it happens a lot. The customer could have mumbled when placing the order, your staff might have heard it wrongly or clumsy fingers might have even keyed it in wrong.

Online ordering takes this unfortunate element of human error out of the equation. Which is why consumers love it! With a user-friendly interface, your restaurant’s online ordering system will enable diners to view your entire online menu, including the promotions and combos. This means that they can make a more informed selection and choose exactly what they want.

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

Since there would no longer be a cause for confusion, your staff can prepare orders more accurately and efficiently, leading to even greater customer satisfaction.

5. Payment no longer a hassle

There are so many methods of payment these days, it would be a shame if your restaurant only stuck to cash transactions. But even with phone or over-the-counter ordering, there are certain limitations. There’s nothing much you can do about it…

Unless you launch an online ordering service! Online ordering systems like ours support a variety of payment methods. Your customers may not always have their credit card or cash on hand. Which is why it is such a relief to them when online ordering platforms offer payment flexibility. For example, customers can pay for their order via their PayPal accounts.

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

By offering convenience and flexibility to your diners ordering online, there’s bound to be an increase in transactions made for your delivery service.

6. Avoiding the peak-hour crowd

Lunch and dinner periods are known to be hectic for any restaurant. And for consumers, it’s next to impossible to get a table. An online ordering platform can help you and your customers beat the peak-hour crowd. How so?

With online ordering, your diners can either pick up their food or get it delivered during these peak periods without having to worry about getting a table in the restaurant. It’s as simple as that!

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

Since your restaurant would no longer be limited by the number of tables it houses, an online ordering system actually empowers you to serve a much larger group of customers during peak periods and maximize kitchen productivity.

7. There’s room for customisation

At times, diners want to make small changes to their order. Like having lesser ice in their drink, no tomatoes in their sandwich or more packets of chili sauce, for instance. But when it comes to placing their order over the phone or at the counter, diners can get uncomfortable or totally forget to make their request!

So where does online ordering come into the picture? Using the comment box often integrated into online ordering systems, users can key in their preferences at their own pace without the pressure of a long queue looming over them. In other words, your restaurant can empower your diners with more control over their orders!

What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

You’d want to be inclusive and adaptable to a diverse range of consumer needs. With online ordering, you get to satisfy both your diners’ wants and needs. And in turn, you get access to a larger consumer base!

8. Ordering in advance

Remember when people had to email a food outlet whenever they wanted to place large orders for corporate events or birthday parties? Those tedious days are no more! Online ordering systems such as ours here at Oddle also support bulk orders.

What’s more, all these orders can be placed many days in advance. Especially for events and get-togethers, your restaurant’s online ordering system is extremely useful in helping your customers plan ahead. It gives them the sense of security that there will be food at their event. Just imagine a birthday party without a cake!

So What’s In It For Your Restaurant?

An online ordering platform allows your restaurant to take in both large and regular orders, all in one system. In fact, it streamlines the entire process for your restaurant. How neat, right?

“How do I get started with my restaurant’s online ordering platform?”

You could start an online ordering platform from scratch but that would take a lot of time and effort. As an alternative, you can engage the services of companies offering ready-made online ordering systems.

Regardless of what you choose, there are a few types of online ordering systems to consider before you can implement your own.

Once you’re crystal clear about how you want your online ordering platform to run, search for systems that can support it and give them a test run. For starters, you can try our very own online ordering system. There are many variations of systems with different functions out there and hence, it’s extremely important for you to pick the one which can suit your online ordering needs best!

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