New Archiving Tab Lets You Work Smarter in Managing Orders

Stop drowning in your restaurant’s growing orders. Automatically archive your old orders on the Oddle iPad app.

Every day, we find ways to develop new features to improve your experience on the Oddle platform. Until now, it’s been easy to let old orders pile up as your online ordering channel gets more popular with your customers.

In case you aren’t acquainted, the Oddle iPad App is where you get access to easy order management. For F&B operators, order management is one of the important things that you visit on a day-to-day basis. As always, we want to ensure that process stays smooth no matter how extensive your order history is.

While your online business is growing, the iPad continues to buzz. More orders are coming in. All is fine and dandy! Chances are, your orders from the past 6 months to a year are still relevant. But before long, the orders start piling up faster than you can keep up with.

When the numbers on the tabs keep increasing, you start to lose sight of which orders require your attention. With the new archiving tool, your old orders will now be automatically funneled into an Archive tab on the Oddle iPad app.

Orders which have passed your set duration after the fulfilment dates will no longer be on the list – making it easier to access orders that require your attention tsaving you extensive time on managing your orders! Goodbye to drowning in your list of growing orders.

Here’s the best part – while the archiving tool lets you work smarter, archiving old orders doesn’t delete them permanently. If you need to find an archived order, it will still be there in your iPad.

Here’s how it works.

Set Up Automatic Archiving For Your Orders

  1. Go to Settings > Archive After Fulfilment Date
  2. Pick a duration. Let’s take One Week After as an example.
  3. Orders that are One Week past their fulfilment date and time will be sent to the Archive tab.



Choose Which Order Statuses To Archive

  1. Go to Settings > Statuses to Archive
  2. Choose the Order Status that you would like to archive. The default selection is All Statuses, but do change the option as you see fit.

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