Why Go Hipster When You Can Go Local?

If there’s anything that Singaporeans can agree on, is that the only thing better than good food is good food at cheap prices! So for the self-declared food connoisseurs on a budget, we’ve got some recommendations for hawker-styled local flavours that are similar to more atas cuisine, but won’t break your bank.

1. Eggs Benedict VS Soft Boiled Eggs

The same jiggly egg whites, with rich yellow runny yolks, on your carb-y favourites.

2. Prawn Linguine VS Hokkien Mee

In fact, Hokkien mee might even be better, with the unique concentrated flavour and aroma of “Wok Hei”.

Recommendation: Three Sister Hokkien Mee from Kim San Leng Ang Mo Kio

3. Americano VS Kopi-O

One as full bodied, intense and bold as the other; the only difference? The pleasure of lounging on red plastic chairs and immersing yourself in kopitiam culture, at one fifth the price.

Recommendation: Any Kim San Leng Coffee Shop!

4. Schlachteplatte (Butcher’s Platter) VS Kay Lee Roasted Meat 3 Combi Platter

For the carnivores, you know finding good cheap meat platters is as easy as finding a unicorn in the wild. But you can eat your fill of quality roast meats from Kay Lee Meats at half the price.

Recommendation: Kay Lee Roasted Meat from Kim San Leng Henderson

5. French Pastries VS Dim Sum

Baked, fried or steamed goodness in bite sizes, all in one basket. I’m definitely not complaining.

Recommendation: Tian Tian Lai from Kim San Leng 5 Soon Lee

6. Yakitori VS Satay

Admit it, we have all wished before that we could just drink the peanut sauce, if the calories would magically disappear the next morning.

Recommendation: Hup Heng BBQ Satay & Fried Cooked Food from Kim San Leng Ang Mo Kio

7. Calzone VS Murtabak

Crispy, pan-fried dough stuffed with meaty, saucy goodness. And a bonus bowl of curry on the side

Recommendation: Al Habib Muslim Food from Kim San Leng Bukit Panjang

8. Duck Confit VS Duck Rice

There’s one motto that Asians live by: if it ain’t rice, it ain’t nice. The bed of rice just makes the braised or roasted duck meat smeared in its rich dark flavourful sauces so much better.

Recommendation: Kay Lee Roasted Meat at Kim San Leng Henderson

9. Risotto VS Congee

A bowl of congee never fails to bring back warm memories of your mother’s home cooked meals.

Recommendation: Kwan Inn Vegetarian from Kim San Leng Geylang

So instead of travelling to an ulu cafe, we got you covered this weekend! Enjoy your “risotto” in the comfort of your own home.

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