Are Home Cooked Holidays Becoming A Rarity?

Are home cooked meals a thing of the past? It seems to be that in recent years, many people are preferring to dine out, purchase cooked food or seek food catering services instead of preparing home cooked meals for themselves/their families. Why then? That’s because food options are aplenty, people can easily find a convenience store (e.g 7-11/ Cheers), cheap eatery, café or shopping mall within the vicinity of their homes and even offices. Even if one decides not to walk that minimal distance to get their meal, they can turn to any restaurant online food ordering systems to make their food orders delivered. Talk about convenience and affordability.

Also, it makes more sense if home cooked meals were made for a family of 4 to 5 because the cost of the ingredients are evenly distributed. Instead of only 1 or 2 family member/s, where it is comparatively more expensive than buying a meal.

Then what about the festive holidays where huge family gatherings take place? Let’s talk about the Chinese New Year! Do you realize how Chinese New Year reunion dinners are always about the yearly steamboat affair? Or otherwise it’s about having the entire table laden with home cooked delicacies? But festive holidays don’t seem to be the same in recent years.

Benefits of Online Ordering System

Consumers are now seeing the advantages of online ordering systems with the increased food options offered online by restaurants. All they have to do is click away at the different options to make customizable orders and wait to receive their food right at their doorsteps within a stipulated time. It’s effortless and especially convenient. Especially after seeing an increase in the number of restaurants who have begun to offer exclusive Chinese New Year menus both off and online just to cater to growing consumer demands. With the provision of such a menu, it becomes a strong call to action for potential consumers planning to save time, money and effort when it comes to preparing this yearly meal.

In fact, consumers are so spoilt for choice with some of the items offered on the menu. Just look at Yum cha Express, food items from their Chinese New Year online menu include, just to name a few, the abalone pen cai, salmon yu sheng, roasted crispy duck and so on! Also, it’s definitely much more affordable to order these Chinese New Year specials instead of attempting to cook them at home. The ingredients used are going to cost consumers so much more when they are bought individually.

Convenience is what these customers are looking for. Especially since time is a scarcity when it comes to the days leading up to the actual days of the Chinese New Year. Spring cleaning, buying of new clothes, grocery shopping as well as other outstanding tasks are all taking away much of your consumer’s free time. They will not be keen to queue and wait to purchase their food.

Thus, restaurant owners should use this growing trend to their advantage by introducing online menus for takeaways/deliveries to cater to consumer demands. Be where the customers want you at!

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