Chocolate Origin: Operational Problems A Thing Of The Past

The Inspiration

Close to 6 years ago, Chocolate Origin had their humble beginnings in a small outlet situated in Changi Village. With a shoestring budget to work with and little brand awareness, they slowly worked their way into the hearts of customers. Their efforts paid off and attributed to a successful expansion of 7 outlets situated island-wide. We celebrate their passion, determination and promise to provide customers with a sense of indulgence — from their cakes.

Online Move Risked Losing Customers

After the opening of the seventh outlet, Chocolate Origin decided that it was time to move online. The motivation? The requests for an online ordering channel they constantly received from customers. They came to realise how moving online would actually open up more opportunities for potential customers to come across them.

However, the online venture wasn’t as smooth sailing as they had hoped for.

The limitations of their online ordering system proved to be too much of a problem. For instance, It was unable to receive large amount of orders or accommodate high volumes of traffic. This meant constant hiccups such as missed orders. Needless to say, customers were furious over their unfulfilled orders. It was a huge source of frustration for Chocolate Origin because it meant running a risk of losing their loyal customers. For F&B owners, this was a disaster.

With the limitations of our system, we grew increasingly concerned about the detrimental effect it would have on our online business in the long run.
For all that, we were fortunate enough to have come across Oddle.

Chocolate Origin General Manager, Kian Yong

Resolving Operational Problems

The pain points were too much for Chocolate Origin to ignore. For instance, online ordering, central kitchen food preparation, and delivery management were all done on separate platforms, previously.

Hence, they needed an integrated system to address all areas of concern they had. When Oddle came into play, these limitations have ceased to exist. Operations have seen a distinct improvement — from the tracking of orders to the integration of multiple processes. The fear of missing/unfulfilled orders have since become a thing of the past.

Every action done through Oddle is logged, so it’s easy for us to trace for accountability especially on areas concerning order issues. It helped to make sure that no orders are left out,
and that the food is promptly prepared and delivered to customers.

Chocolate Origin General Manager, Kian Yong

Online Ordering Is The Way Forward

Chocolate Origin wasn’t able to properly place their focus on other business aspects for the most part. With the cumbersome manual processes eliminated, they have been able to better spend time on growing the business through online marketing efforts. With the ever changing customer needs, Chocolate Origin believes F&B owners should be taking into account the increasing customer preference of ordering online over dining in.

For F&B owners who have yet to get acquainted with online ordering, Chocolate Origin has this advice: choose the right online platform — robust to work with, so that they no longer have to worry about order fulfilment.

Oddle is able to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to track our online orders,
which is vital as we increasingly place our focus on our restaurant’s online business.

Chocolate Origin General Manager, Kian Yong

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