JINJJA Chicken Goes Online: A Success Story

JINJJA Chicken has undoubtedly become a favourite Korean fast food outlet among locals and non-locals ever since its launch in November last year. With the restaurant being situated in the middle of Bugis Village, along with its eye-catching exterior and its playlist of catchy k-pop songs, it’s impossible for you to miss it. Especially with the Korean fried chicken craze going on in Singapore, people are also increasingly interested in having a go at some of that fried goodness. Oh, and it’s halal certified too!

To tap on the ever-growing Korean food/music/celebrity craze, JINJJA Chicken expanded their business online as a means to increase its customer reach, exposure, awareness and demand. How did they carry out the move?

We got in touch with the owner of JINJJA Chicken, to find out how our system helped them achieve the move.

Why choose Oddle?

Oddle came highly recommended to us by fellow restaurateurs and helped us to kickstart our delivery service with minimal investment and effort. With Oddle’s 3rd party logistics support, we were able to not only launch our delivery service but also to carry it out islandwide right from the beginning. If we had attempted to do it on our own, we estimate that it would have taken us at least half a year to build the necessary logistical support needed for our island wide delivery services. In this case, Oddle already has the structure that we needed to achieve this remarkable feat.

How has Oddle made an impact to your non dine-in business? How was the growth like for you?

Oddle created quite a significant impact to our business bringing over 20% increase in our sales almost right from the start. One of the main reasons could be that due to the minimum order requirement (which is set at $49 for our restaurant), we frequently receive large orders that are catered for large groups of people, likely parties or corporate events. And when our orders are delivered to such events, not only do we gain greater profits, our brand exposure goes up as well. With wider exposure, the brand awareness naturally increases. This is very important to us as we currently only have only one outlet in the central district yet our food and our brand is consistently exposed to customers all over the island. So the positive impact Oddle has brought to us is not just tangible online sales but also brand awareness that contributes to more walk-in customers too.

How has Oddle played a part in your restaurant’s operations?

By adding on substantial orders everyday, Oddle has indirectly helped us to reduce our food cost (economies of scale), as well as provide fresher ingredients to customers and reduce wastage.

We are also very pleased with the advance ordering feature provided by Oddle, which allows customers to place large orders up to several days in advance. This allows us to procure sufficient ingredients ahead of time, as well as ensure we have enough manpower, as such orders can be catered for up to hundreds of pax each time. Without a proper system in place, it would be difficult to take up such orders with confidence. Not to mention tracking the order and making sure the outlet does not miss out on preparation on the actual day at the appointed time. With the Oddle app, the orders for each day is systematically summarized and information can be retrieved with a few simple clicks, making it almost foolproof for the restaurant’s operations team.

What are the biggest challenges F&B merchants face in expanding their business online?

Most restaurants have limited knowledge of online technology and to start a delivery service from scratch would require either building or engaging a strong and knowledgeable IT team. Either ways it would be a great investment, which small to medium restaurants would find it hard to justify.

“With Oddle, the system is already there so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
The customers’ service and backend support are excellent so again there’s lesser effort required on the restaurant’s end.

Oddle is also continuously upgrading and value-adding to help restaurants better reach out to more delivery customers online. This way the restaurants can focus on running their shop whilst the experts manage their delivery business.

It’s a win-win situation.

What is your advice to other F&B owners on bringing their business online?

Do not attempt to build your delivery business online by yourself unless you have a strong IT and marketing team to support it. Our best advice is to join the Oddle family soon. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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