The iPhone7 Is Here To Wreak Havoc

Is the official arrival of the iPhone 7 in Singapore making you lose control? Ever since the newest variation of the apple iPhone was introduced earlier this month, it has created huge waves across the world. Many have found themselves falling for the charms of the iPhone 7. As such, demand for the apple smartphone has skyrocketed, and that has led many consumers into pre-ordering the iPhone 7 with their local telecommunication companies.

In Singapore huge consumer demands for the iPhone 7 has resulted in major glitches experienced by the pre-ordering systems of 3 telecom companies. As seen from the Facebook Pages of SingTel, Starhub and M1, customers have been leaving angry comments about not being able to complete the pre-ordering process because the system kept crashing. This apparently already started happening within just 2 minutes of the servers going live.

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The main reason for the failure of the respective pre-ordering systems of the various telecoms was that they weren’t programmed to handle high volumes of traffic. This technical incapability impeded the reservation process which caused the bulk of consumers to be left with failed reservation attempts.

How about online businesses for restaurants?

When we talk about high volumes of traffic or having the capacity to handle multiple activities taking place at the same time, we think about restaurant owners who might be experiencing the same issue as they shift their business online. Especially if it’s a long awaited move by most consumers.  Because it means that they are provided with increased options when it comes to obtaining food at their convenience. Or even when the restaurant releases a new food item which has racked up a substantial amount of interest and demand prior to its release.

Reliable Online Ordering System

It is vital that restaurants be equipped with a reliable online ordering system that is able to operate effectively without a hitch. Just imagine how disastrous it would be for both the restaurant owners as well as their multiple consumers when both parties are unable to complete and confirm the order.

We understand the risks of losing large amount of order sales when the technical systems or websites of these restaurant owners are unable to support huge volumes of traffics and activities. Which is why at Oddle, we opt to use Amazon Web Service (AWS) for our online ordering system. The main reason for choosing to use AWS is due to the 99.5% uptime. Uptime here refers to the measurement of the time of a system being available, accessible and running without any problems. 99.5% refers to the percentage of the month that the system is operating without any issue. Which further proves its reliability regardless of any massive online traffic or influx of orders taking place on the system all at the same time.

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Besides that, AWS has a proven track record when it comes to data security.

Infrastructure Puts Strong Safeguards In Place To Help Protect Customer Privacy. All Data Is Stored In Highly Secure AWS Data Centers”.

This is one major concern that most restaurant owners have, especially since it encompasses their data analytics.

So be rest assured when it comes to moving your business online with our online ordering system, or even if you have an intent to roll out new food items that might trigger high consumer demand. Our system has sufficient capacity to withstand such situations and still be able to operate as efficiently.

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