Effective Restaurant Service: The Key To Increasing Customer Loyalty

As restaurant owners, are you able to create a strong base of loyal customers? Your sales revenue is heavily reliant on their existence so that’s why it’s especially critical to provide a good dining experience so that customers will return to give you the business you need. Loyal customers are the ones that guarantee your restaurant’s prosperity for the years to come. If they are happy customers, they will spread the word and that’s a powerful form of restaurant marketing because it’s voluntary and organic. It’s safe to say that you can’t live without them. So are you doing the right thing to keep them happy?

3 Ways To Boost Your Restaurant’s Customer Loyalty

1)    On the house gestures (Goodwill)

On the house (Goodwill) gestures are very significant in society since it’s rare to go the extra mile to treat a stranger with kindness. They leave a lasting impression on your customers because it makes them feel special and appreciated dining at your restaurant. Some of the house gestures can include offering an ice cream brownie for a customer’s birthday, a balloon for a kid’s birthday or even providing pay it forward coffee to random customers.

Even for your online food ordering system, you can do so by providing your customers with a complimentary dish or a dessert for their birthday! With the random acts of kindness, it allows your customers to observe/experience the standards of humanity and care provided by your restaurant. They wouldn’t hesitate to spread the word about dining at your restaurant due to the impeccable service experienced. You gain restaurant promotion from these gestures.

2)    Invite your chef to interact with your customers

Customers are not complex people; they just want to be able to experience a comfortable/ satisfying dining process. The experience isn’t just based solely on the quality of your food but the environment of the restaurant and the people as well. Besides good customer service provided by your waiters, inviting your chef to interact with your customers might allow them to know who cooked the food they ate. Create a friendly connection with your customers, let them know you value their patronage and their feedback. They will be more inclined to make return visits because of the food, people, and atmosphere.

3)    Promotional game

Restaurants like you can jump on the promotional game bandwagon to increase customer loyalty. People like novelty so it would be good to create a game that customers can participate and stand a chance to win a prize. Just like how McDonald’s introduced the monopoly game to retain their customers because they can stand a chance to win vouchers/tablet/yacht trip by collecting stickers for every purchase they make.

With the recent PokémonGo craze you can create a game where your customers can receive Pokémon stickers to complete a puzzle based on how many Pokémon they have caught on PokémonGo after making a purchase at your restaurant. The offered prize can be a limited edition Pokémon figurine/plushie of some of the rarest Pokémon. Even customers who order through your online ordering system are able to participate because the puzzle & stickers will be delivered to them along with the food.

Or you can offer customers ordering delivery a complimentary sticker for a Pokémon that they haven’t caught which increases the chances of completing the puzzle. This restaurant marketing will give you a greater payoff while the craze lasts. (Read here for our article on the PokemonGo craze and wéhy is it important for restaurant owners to be part of it)

Hopefully, with these 3 tips, restaurant owners like you are able to enhance your customer’s dining experience and ultimately increase levels of loyalty in them.

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