How To: Encouraging Repeat Restaurant Customers

Being a business owner requires you to remain updated with latest consumer behavioural trends. There are so many different types of customers, and keeping up with them seems implausible. However, it is still possible with the continual rise of technology and manpower. As researched, increasing repeat visits by 5% can positively increase your profits anywhere from 25% to 125% . Therefore, encouraging repeat visits from customers is definitely something advantageous for your restaurant in the long run.

Loyalty Programs


Old is gold. Conventional loyalty programs have a proven track record of success in retaining customers.

66% of customers profess the importance of points or miles in loyalty programs – be it small or large amounts.

– Forbes

However, as millennials will be making up a large portion of your future customer base, you could tweak loyalty programs accordingly to enhance its attractiveness to this demographic group. A study revealed that 49% of millennials eat out at least once a week, so this justifies the importance of targeting this group of customers. A simple point system seems to be popular among millennials. Birthday discounts can also be effective in reminding your customers that they are special. Remember to keep your loyalty programs straightforward and uncomplicated!

Mailing List

Send out emails regularly to update your customers on promotions and new dishes. Having a customer database with all the email addresses helps. Oddle requires all customers to create an account for before placing their orders online. The customer details will then be recorded in a customer database for merchants to engage in their own customer retention efforts. Other tools like MailChimp and Hubspot are also useful in helping you maintain relations with your customers.

Community events

Previously, we talked about organising a PokemonGo hunt. Of course, that is not all (especially if the hype dies down). Keep abreast of ongoing and new hypes. Community events help to enhance relations between restaurateurs and customers by building communal spirit. Wouldn’t celebrating your marriage anniversary at your favourite restaurant every year leave an impression on you and your partner? On top of that, you could infuse some entertainment by having themed dinners such as “Tequila Thursdays” or “Flashback Fridays”!


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The employees that you hire can make a huge impact on your business. Employees should be active in maintaining customer relationships. A cheerful greeting can really help in lifting the moods of customers after a long day at work. This is why trainings for restaurant service crew are important. An example of a restaurant that provides exceptional service is Hai Di Lao Hot Pot: The exceptional service provided makes customers feel comfortable despite the long waiting time. In addition, employee morale is high, which automatically drives them to work hard. How you treat your employees can make a huge difference in the quality of service they produce; this ultimately translates to customer satisfaction, and customers will definitely return to a restaurant which makes them feel happy. To even voluntarily spreading word of such excellent service experienced, which is one of the best forms of restaurant marketing!

Social Media Events

The power of social media should never be underestimated. With so many restaurants on Facebook and Instagram nowadays, customers are already taking social media platforms as a given that comes hand-in-hand with their favourite restaurant. Use your social media pages to your own advantage and update frequently, this keeps your customers in the loop. Plan giveaways, competitions and promotions; also, use your Facebook page as a constructive space for customer feedback to further improve your F&B business.

With the vast amount of restaurants popping up every other day, customer retention can be tough. However, a lifelong customer is as precious as gold. This further highlights the importance of keeping up with consumer trends.

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