Are Restaurants Marketing Themselves In The Right Way?

You have something to tell the public – it could be an upcoming restaurant event, maybe a seasonal restaurant promotion or even a new food creation. But how do you go about publicising it? That’s one common concern many restaurant owners have. After all, it’s part of your restaurant marketing strategy to increase awareness and exposure to your potential and existing customers.

1)  Customer Referrals via Word-of-mouth

Everyone knows that triggering that word-of-mouth effect amongst customers or the general public is a challenge. Without a doubt, it can be, but you need to start somewhere! Your staff can get the ball rolling by sharing the news with their family, friends as well as your customers. Then, you can start encouraging your customers to publicise the restaurant by offering them an incentive (discounted meals, free drinks, etc) that they will be able to enjoy on their return visits.

2) The Evergreen Name-Card

Sometimes it might take a little more effort than just telling/informing your customers. A physical note (name card in this case) will actually allow them to take greater notice of your message even if it’s just a glance. At the very least, you will get to pique the interests of a few!

For instance, if you would like to let them know that your restaurant offers online food ordering, you can present them with a name card with all the necessary details about the deals and promotions when they use your restaurant’s food ordering system.

3)  Facebook Restaurant Marketing

As mentioned previously in our ‘surprising mobile statistics that restaurant owners need to know’ blog post, Facebook is an essential marketing tool when attempting to relay information to existing and prospective consumers. It is widely treated by consumers as the go-to platform when they require details and updates of your restaurant. So go ahead and fully utilize Facebook to your advantage! Boost a few posts you think should be the priority (promotion, deals, menus, updates). By doing so, you get to empower and extend their reach to an even greater number of users who might not have come across your restaurant’s ads before.

4) Email Marketing – You’ve got mail!

Customers who are part of your mailing list as mentioned in our 5 tips for restaurants to build their email database should instantly be the first few to receive any news or interesting updates with regards to your restaurant. Since they are the ones who voluntarily signed up for this, it means they want to receive regular news updates your restaurant has to provide them with.

5) Printed Restaurant Online Menus

Printed copies of your restaurant’s online menu can be distributed to raise further awareness as well as direct traffic to your restaurant’s online shopping cart. This should preferably be a follow up for the name cards being given out because your existing and prospective customers get to view what your restaurant’s online menu has to offer. In this case, you can set the online menu in a way where some items offered are only available when ordered online. This acts as a strong call to action to trigger consumers to use your restaurant’s online food ordering systems and place their orders.

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