Tips for restaurants: Doing food delivery right

With the use of fast internet as well as easy access via smartphones/tablets/laptops to online food ordering systems, customers are leaning towards a quick and easy way to obtain food. Instead of having to prepare meals for themselves or making their way to an eatery or restaurant to queue and wait for their food, they have turned to online food ordering systems to get their food ordered and delivered.

F&B owners who already have online food ordering systems should know that delivery is the key component to getting the food into the hands and stomachs of your customers. It represents the promise of the restaurant to their customers after they have paid. You don’t want to risk losing them to another restaurant in terms of delivery services.

Here are some tips to ensure that your delivery process is enhanced, which means customers will be left satisfied and hence will return to make future food delivery orders. Also, a domino effect can be triggered by voluntary word of mouth among the customers to bring greater food ordering and delivery sales for you. Isn’t this powerful restaurant marketing for your business? (Yessssss)

  1)    Food packaging/ Food Hygiene

Do take extra measures to prevent spillage of any food or invest in sturdy packaging to keep the food in place. The food packaging must also be able to retain the heat/ warmth of the freshly cooked/prepared meals along with its original presentation so it arrives exactly how you would serve them to a dine-in customer. Keep your food storage compartment clean to maintain good food hygiene.

When your food is delivered into the hands of your customers, the packaging is the first thing they see. From the paper bags to the paper boxes down to the utensils you can actually constantly remind them of your brand and your restaurant, so don’t hesitate to add in your logo as a form of restaurant marketing. Make the effort to make it insta-worthy so your customers would actually want to snap a photograph of their meals & packaging to post on their social media just like how they do with their meals at cafes/ elsewhere. (Hoho) Plus points!! Because it’s free restaurant promotion.

2)    Value added delivery service

You do want to stand out from the rest of your competitors offering delivery so what you can do is to provide value-added service to your customers. It could include providing a free side dish, probably seaweed /dumplings, maybe even ice cream? They could also be food items that are new or yet to be launched and you wish for your customers to try and thereafter give their feedback on. Customers will feel appreciated because not only do they get to enjoy additional food at zero costs, they also get to provide feedback/ suggestions regarding your food.

3)    Delivery Drivers & an integrated system

If you do not have enough manpower to carry out your own delivery drivers, you might want to outsource your delivery to a third party logistics company to do so. It would be best that the delivery can be integrated into your online ordering system so that you would be able to monitor and manage delivery operations. Food arrival timings are a huge concern for customers, especially if they have received their food after the agreed time regardless of what might have cropped up during the delivery. So overseeing the process allows you to request your drivers to use different delivery routes or even to take certain measures according to the situation.

If you don’t already have an online ordering system that can integrate your delivery, Oddle is here to provide you with it.

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