Surprising Mobile Statistics That Restaurant Owners Need To Know

Let’s talk about how your customers are perpetually on their smartphones. Be it taking a call at work, playing PokemonGo on the roads(oops :P) or carrying out random online searches, your potential customers are glued to their phones. In fact, they could very much be researching about your restaurant on their mobile phones. As mentioned by Nation’s Restaurant news where “92 percent of consumers search for a restaurant on a mobile web browser”

If you have not executed any mobile marketing strategy to date, it’s probably time to do so! Consumers are preferring to make speedy and convenient purchases and what better way to do so than via a smartphone? Especially when the majority of their decisions rely on a great deal of prior mobile searches. As reflected in a study by iAcquire and SurveyMonkey how 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within 1 hour.

So what are the few mobile marketing strategies you should undertake?

1)    Facebook Restaurant Marketing

Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to mobile marketing. Your consumers are spending a huge part of their lives on various apps (snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook) where they get to provide as well as receive updates from the people they follow. However, even with the plethora of social media channels, consumers are still relying on Facebook to receive a huge amount of useful and necessary information.

In case you don’t already know, Facebook is able to incorporate advertisements (that don’t seem like ads) in their users’ news feed. This is beneficial for your restaurant marketing strategy because there is a higher chance for your prospective consumers to check out what your restaurant has to offer. Besides being a channel for awareness, it also acts as a call to action for these Facebook users.

2)    Redeemable mobile coupons

How do you entice prospective consumers who spend much of their free time scouring for new restaurants to satisfy their ever-present cravingsYou give a deal that will make them stop and stare. Present them with a promotion deal that can be redeemable on their mobile phones, or more simply, one that they can show the restaurant staff when they dine in. You might be surprised by the effect that such deals have on your restaurant. Especially when “80% are more likely to try a new restaurant if it’s offering a promotion.” as reported in a study by RetailMeNot.

3)    RWD – Responsive website design

It is imperative for your website as well as your online food ordering systems to be mobile optimized. Not just for iOS and Android smartphone users but any browser that your potential consumers could be lurking on. Keep in mind that different devices vary in screen sizes. For example, an iPhone is much smaller as compared to a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The last thing you want is for your customers to battle with their phones as they navigate the maze of distorted views and misplaced texts within your mobile website. Do tap on the fact that “Safari remains the most popular browser for all restaurant visitors, whilst Internet Explorer lost market share to Chrome”- Marketing4Restaurants. So do optimize your mobile ordering system for these particular browsers.

4)     Reaching Customers through Google Ads

From our previous restaurant marketing tips blogpost, we have mentioned how critical it is for restaurants to achieve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With mobile marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) could very much be as important in reaching your advertising goals. This is when GoogleAdwords comes to play. You bid for the most relevant/related keywords that apply to your restaurant, and when these keywords are part of the mobile searches made by the general public, they will then come across the (clickable) advertisements of your restaurant’s website, restaurant promotions or online ordering system. Carry out extensive keyword research and be sure which keywords has the most potential within your target audience. This increases the chances of prospective customers coming across your restaurant’s ads, hence motivating them to click on your ads to find out more.

For example, if you specialize in Indian cuisine, you should optimize for keywords such as “indian food delivery” or “indian food near me.” This way, when your potential customers search for these keywords, your restaurant will appear first in the search results. This gives you a much higher chance of them clicking through as compared to if you were lower down the rankings.

For the final slice of advice – we believe that statistics don’t lie, so you shouldn’t wait any further to reach out to where your potential customers are!

If in need, Oddle is here to provide you with a mobile ordering system that allows easy integration with your restaurant’s website and or social media platform.

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