How Restaurants Can Use Facebook To Increase Organic Reach

With 1.7 million monthly users, the outreach potential of Facebook gives you no reason to not create a Facebook page for your restaurant. New F&B owners who have yet to maximize the potential of their Facebook for restaurant marketing and promotions should not forgo this channel while those restaurants who rely heavily on Facebook accounts to reach out to more customers as well as carry out restaurant marketing, here are some tips you can use to improve:

1)    Photos/ Images (High Quality)

Can we reiterate enough how so very powerful images are for your Facebook posts? Most people scroll by words but not pictures. It makes your customers more compelled to read the words accompanied by a picture because images are for a fact very attention seeking.

Also, pictures have the power to subconsciously influence the minds and the stomachs of your prospective customers.

You might have your prospective customers craving for your food the very next moment. So invest in taking high-quality photos of your food items, they could be part of the newest menu or an all time favourite item among your customers. Make sure to post regular pictures of your food items at the appropriate timings, for example, cupcakes at 3 or 4 in the afternoon which are perfect for a tea break. Isn’t this one of the best restaurant marketing you can carry out at zero costs? If you have a online ordering system, you might want to link your shopping cart or embed your shopping cart to a tab on your Facebook page to aid/accelerate purchases to be made by converted prospects.

2)    Know your customers, know their preferences – Ask and understand

What better way to strike a conversation with several customers than asking about their preferences? You can post an eye-catching infographic about a question or two to get people to list their choice. Questions can be like “Are you Team Pineapple or Team Anti Pineapple in your Pizza?” or “What would you like to see on our menu in the future? Cupcakes with Wasabi KitKat? Korean Fire Noodles with Peanut Butter? Let us know!” These are some thought evoking questions that would rile up your customers and get them to engage with you.

3)    FB contests

Carry out contests on Facebook to get your prospective customers to participate, get them to share about a certain #hashtag or about their preferences to the questions above and stand a chance to win a free meal. This can be part of your restaurant marketingstrategy to gain more attention/exposure as well as trigger restaurant promotion by word-of-mouth.

4)    Facebook Live Chat

Use the tools like the Facebook live chat to share more about the operations in your restaurant, staff interactions or even how you put the finishing touches to your food. The live chat also allows you to interact with your customers via the comments section. In a way, it feels like you are opening up to your customers because you get to show them a part of your restaurant.

5)    Share tips about a useful topic

( Easy recipe for making late night snacks

It is important to occasionally include posts that aim to purely provide value for your visitors/readers or prospective customers. This is without mentioning or advertising about your restaurant or food items. It can be about a non-controversial trending/useful topic that your customers might be thinking about on a daily basis. For example, it could be providing tips/ a recipe to making a late night snack (supper) with whatever leftover food that is found in the refrigerator. This could be a popular concern for most of your prospects.

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