5 Mistakes Restaurants Make With Their Food Ordering Systems

As a restaurateur, having your own online ordering system means you are on your way to receiving more orders — hooray! However, with trends constantly evolving, you might not be aware of mistakes that could cost you your bottom line. Here, we list 5 most significant mistakes restaurants are making. We trust you are not making them.
But anywho, we got you covered.

1. Ambiguous Call-To-Action

In the name of being unique, many restaurants often commit the mistake of ambiguity in their Call-To-Actions (CTAs). For instance, using “Submit” would probably be more apt if customers were submitting a consent form while “Buy Now” seems to mislead one into thinking that he/she has to immediately make a payment when selecting an individual item. Words such as “Click here” doesn’t say much about what follows either. They simply do not have the same effect on customers, unlike a simple “Add to Cart” button.  When it comes to CTAs, this neat infographic by Synecore sums up everything you need to know.

2. The Missing Link

Many restaurant owners are active on at least 1 of the 3 major social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You could embed a “Shop Now” button to fully maximise Facebook, the most frequently used platform for restaurants. Your followers may not be aware you have an food ordering system. That way, you are directing your page fans to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to do the same for your website as well!

3. Lack Of Restaurant Marketing Efforts

Restaurants operations are especially hectic during peak periods and this is where restaurant owners often commit one major fallacy. Out of busyness, restaurants often fail to broadcast on their online food ordering systems to their customers. Reality is, it doesn’t take long for your employees to let your customers know. Try this: let them sneak a glance at your online ordering page at the payment counter. Little acts like these go a long way to inform let your customers know about your online presence.

4. Out-Of-Date Menu

Treat your menus like assets! They drive customers to make orders. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners tend to forget the need to update their menu when there are new food items or even leave out pictures of their dishes (gasps!). Loyal customers are probably familiar with what your restaurant offers, but don’t assume all your customers do. Even for seasonal items, they should be regularly updated accordingly, so your customers won’t miss out on those promotional benefits.

5. Inconsistent Branding

Branding consistency is important to differentiate your restaurant, keeping you in your customers’ minds. However, it is common to see restaurant owners with their own food ordering systems having inconsistent aesthetics across their marketing channels. When you make it hard for customers to identify and associate different platforms as one restaurant, they might just lose interest in you and move on to another restaurant. Work with a provider that allows you to customise your online space to make it rightfully yours and your customers will be assured they are ordering from the right place.


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