The Rise of Online Food Ordering

We live in an era where speed and technology work hand in hand: the additional seconds of buffering when loading a YouTube video; that pair of high-waisted jeans that took ages to arrive in the letterbox – do all these sound familiar? As both speed and technology continue to advance, the way consumers expect to receive their food has also morphed. Presently, online food ordering might be the most relevant term F&B owners should associate themselves with.

If the uncertainty of the efficacy in online ordering is holding you back, read on as we dissect the characteristics that will give your food business a boost.

Moving Forward With Millennials

Gen Y and Z are the two demographic groups that play a huge role in the revolutionary popularity of online ordering. Their buying behaviours are important, and they are the ones who will be driving your sales in the future years. Having been exposed to the virtual world at a young age, it has been reported that they are the ones driving digital ordering – which is growing 300% quicker than dine-in traffic.

The String of Benefits for You and Your Customers

The most common selling point of online ordering system is its convenience. However, there’s much more to the benefits it brings to both your restaurant and your customers. As customers take charge their own orders, instances of having the wrong food prepared and delivered have declined. A smooth and convenient ordering process helps in keeping your customers satisfied, and also allows the kitchen to work more efficiently. Also, having a full restaurant menu displayed to customers often results in increased basket sizes on checkout. With that, CEO of American convenience store, Sheetz, has summarised it well: online ordering helped in up selling and freeing up turnaround time for the kitchen.  

Customer Engagement Made Simple

Your online customers are just as important as your walk-in customers. An online customer has higher chances of re-ordering within 60 days as compared to a walk-in customers, as online platforms are more accessible. A food ordering system gives you access to your customers’ address and spending patterns, allowing you to strategise your marketing efforts and engage in customer retention. Hence, online ordering opens up a channel for F&B owners to gain and retain more customers.


Instant gratification is what consumers in this new era are looking for. If this can be applied to romance (cues Tinder), then you should definitely try expanding your F&B business online. Feeling lost? Oddle is here to help grow your online food business while streamlining your orders management process. Find out how Oddle is able to complement and increase the efficiency of your restaurant.

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