4 Steps To Choose The Right Food Ordering System For Restaurants

It’s time for restaurants to expand their business beyond physical stores.

Due to technological advances, you can’t deny that customers are slowly becoming accustomed to experiencing greater convenience / efficiency when getting things done via various digital tools.

F&B merchants will need to assess their customer’s purchasing behaviour and be ready to adopt food ordering systems. Simply by making things easier for your customers, be around them so that they wouldn’t find it difficult to obtain your food regardless of where they might be. You will realize that the opportunities for sales will gradually increase.

So do consider setting up a restaurant e-commerce once your business is ready because it will increase your customer base and ultimately your sales revenue. F&B restaurants that already have their shopping carts or online ordering websites can look to enhancing the functions of these platforms with the right online ordering system provider.

How then do you know which online ordering system provider would best benefit your restaurant? You might want to use this 4 steps as a key guideline to making your decision.

1. Aesthetically appealing.

Your online food ordering system should be customisable to suit your brand image/theme and be consistent as well as professional across different platforms. Find one that you can fully express yourself – Minimalistic, colourful, sophisticated or anything you wish to showcase on your shopping cart.

2. Integrated/ User friendly

The functions provided for your online food ordering system should be integrated and aim to simplify the issuess of managing/placing order between you and your customers. Keep in mind that the shopping cart has to be mobile optimised (serve as a mobile ordering system) as well so that customers are able to make orders via their smartphones. F&B merchants have to keep in mind their customer’s user experience.

“The main goal is not to complicate the already difficult life of the consumer.” – Raymond Loewy

3. Provider that doesn’t dilute your brand name

F&B merchants need help to ultimately increase sales revenue for their restaurant with an additional platform/ avenue where their functions, systems/ features are able to help the business gain profit. Besides that, it’s crucial to ensure that the respective solution provider won’t dilute your brand name. If the provider has a very strong brand name, there is a possibility of people dissociating your food item from your restaurant and your brand. Carefully consider which white label solution/ online ordering system is capable of powering your shopping cart while ensuring that your brand name remains distinguished.

4. The cost

The cost of your food ordering system should be one that’s reasonable. Rather than one provider that takes a transaction cut per order, a subscription fee based system provider is comparatively more stable & profitable because their survival relies on the sustainability of the F&B merchants using their solution. You won’t have to face an accumulation of additional miscellaneous charges for every order.

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