Ways to Use Facebook Carousel Ads for F&B;

Unlike the basic single Ads format, Facebook Carousel lets you exhibit up to 5 different images in an Ad set. Its benefits entail not only a lower cost per click, but also directing customers to various pages of your website. As an F&B owner, this means that on top of sending patrons to the store’s main page, you can direct them to an online ordering menu or reservation page at the same time. Doesn’t that simply sound like a great gift from Facebook?

Here are some ways F&B merchants can use Facebook Carousel in targeting their potential customers:

#1 Show More Products

With the option to upload up to 5 images, you can display more products at the same time. During festive seasons when you have a range of seasonal items, Carousel Ads become very useful for attracting customers. Having more options grabs more attention because there’s a higher chance of them at least liking one out of the five items.

#2 Illustrate the Online Ordering Process

Educate potential customers about the ordering process in three to five simple steps. Make it so simple that there is no reason for them to not place an order on your online ordering platform for their next meal. For F&B owners already using Oddle , show them how to access the online ordering menu, select items, fill in their personal details, and click confirm to place order.

#3 Tell A Story

Create a storyboard narrating a day in the life of your customers. Feature a person placing order through your online ordering menu for an event, or at home after a long day at work. In total, you only need three images – a person in the office or coming home from work; placing order using their laptop or phone; enjoying the order.

Find creative commons images that are allowed for commercial usage on Flickr.

#4 Construct a Larger Canvas

Let your artistic side shine, and use individual frames to construct an exhaustive image of your product. Make your Facebook Ad a riveting experience and entice customers to click the link on your Ads. Slice a picture of your cake into three frames, and make sure that when they are combined, a big illustration of a whole cake becomes irresistible to the viewer.

Remember to abide by the following specifications required by Facebook to achieve maximum results from your Ads, and to avoid rejection by Facebook which could prove to be time-consuming.

  1. Recommended image size: 600 x 600 pixels
  2. Image ratio: 1:1
    Headline: 40 characters
  3. Link description: 20 characters
  4. Not more than 20% text in your image

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