Selecting Your Facebook Ads Audience Demographic

Facebook equips business owners with a selection of demographic factors that can be shaped to target the right audience. In this article, we will guide you along the demographic selection process while creating your Facebook Ad.

#1 Location

In the location segment, after inputting the location of your target audience, decide whether to include or exclude certain areas within that location. Afterwards, select either to reach everyone in that locationpeople who live therepeople who are recently there, or people who are travelling there.

For F&B business owners who deliver only to a particular area, you can choose to target people who live there so that they can conveniently order-in your food.

#2 Age Range

Decide the age range of your target audience and make sure that the age group you select is in line with the products you are offering. F&B outlets who deliver to Central Business District (CBD) area can set the minimum age of 23 and the maximum of 65+. If you are selling more expensive food products, avoid targeting younger kids because they are unlikely to have much purchasing power.

#3 Gender

If you are not targeting any specific gender for your food products, select All. For products that are mostly branded towards female like pressed juices, it is possible to select only female as your target audience group. Not only will choosing one gender make your Ads more targeted, but it also allows you to craft more personalised creatives for different genders.

#4 Language

In this section you can choose to target your potential customers based on the language they speak. So if your are in Vietnam, but your Ads are in English, target people in Vietnam whose languages include English. Language targeting can be useful if you are selling a specific cuisine, and want to reach out to people who are interested in that cuisine.

To see more options in selecting demographic, click More Demographics.

#5 Relationship Status

This demographic option allows one to target people who are singlein a relationship, or marriedCombining relationship status with gender, during festive seasons like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, F&B owners who offer chocolates or cakes can reach out to the ladies who might want to get chocolates for their sweethearts. Vice versa, you can entice the men to order a cake online for their girlfriend or wife.

#6 Education

Useful when you provide delivery to school, this section grants you the option to target your potential customers based on their education levelfields of studyschools, as well as undergraduate years. So by setting your Ads for display to students in the school you deliver to, you can increase the awareness of your brand amongst them. Besides, you can also target students in their final year who might be planning graduation and farewell parties. Online ordering is sure to come in handy for them.

#7 Work

Select your target audience based on their occupations – employersjob title, and industries. If you want them to order from your restaurant the next time they have a corporate event, target the HR department or secretary. Also, if your F&B business is located at or deliver to the CBD areas, use this section to expose your brand to people working in CBD-located companies.

#8 Home

In this section, select your potential customers’ household components. In other words, you will be able to select whether to target families or housemates. Pizzerias can target their Ads at housemates so that during lazy days at home, they will know that they can order-in your pizza. On the other hand, home-cooked-food eateries can reach out to families, who might be too busy to cook daily.

#9 Ethnic Affinity

Selecting the ethnic affinity of your target audience can help better expose your Ads to people who are more likely to purchase your products. For example if you sell non-halal Chinese food, you may want to exclude Muslims from this section.

#10 Generation

This section lets you select the generation – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials – that befits your brand image or food products. F&B stores that focus on trending food products like cupcakes may want to target Generation X and Millennials instead of Baby Boomers. Besides that, if you are selling unhealthy food products, it is more advisable to target younger generations because the older group might possibly be more health-conscious.

#11 Parents

This section allows you to specifically target parents in general, or parents with kids from a range of ages. This is very useful because parents of younger kids tend not to have time to prepare their meals, eating out and even buying food home can be troublesome. By telling them that you can send them their meals to the doorstep will increase the likelihood of them purchasing your products.

#12 Life Events

Pick target audiences who have experienced, or are experiencing certain events in their life. A food business that specialises in local food from specific countries can target people who live far away from home. Likewise, cake shops can target their Ads at couples whose anniversary is within 30 days so that they know where to order cakes for their big day.

#13 Interests

This section allows you to screen your audience based on their interests. For F&B owners, find Cuisine and click on the one that matches your brand. Doing so authorises you to discover potential customers that are interested in your type of cuisine, and hence increases the chance of them placing an order from your online ordering menu.

#14 Behaviors

Filter your target audience based on their behaviors. You can pick people who are frequent users of internet, or celebrate certain festivals so that you can target them during the festive season.

#15 Connections

Engage people who are connected to your business in one way or another under this section. Decide whether to target people who like your pagefriends of people who like your page, or even exclude people that have liked your page. Assuming that your Ads are meant to get new users to like your page, remember to exclude those who have already liked your page so that the Ads really serve its purpose.

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