Posting Creatives for Facebook Ads

The last stage of creating an advertisement on Facebook is uploading the creatives.

Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do in this final and crucial stage for F&B owners creating their Facebook Ads for the first time, or just in need of a refresher course.

#1 Select the Facebook Page that You Want to Associate With

Facebook Page of La Sandwicherie, Hong Kong

This field is just to show which page are your Ads affiliated to. Assuming that your brand already has a Facebook page, you can simply input the name on the field provided. Those without a Facebook business page can click the (+) button and follow the instructions to create one.

#2 Input the Description of Your Ads

In the text field provided, input the description of your Ads. Those that are meant to urge people to visit your online ordering platform and place an order can use the following template:

“(Brand name) now delivers! Visit our online ordering menu to start placing your order. (Include link)”

#3a For Carousel Ads

Facebook is able to detect the best performing images along with links, and displays them first before the rest of the Ads. Besides that, it also allows you to include a card with the profile picture of your page at the end of the Ad set. Do note that if your Ad only consists of two images, Facebook will add another card regardless of whether you uncheck the “add a card at the end with your page profile picture” box.

For each Carousel Ad set, you can upload up to five images. Make sure to include a headline, description, as well as the destination URL.

#3b For Single Image Ads

Simply upload an image or a video to create single image Ads.

#4 Include a Call-to-Action button

Shop Now button as seen on Genie Juicery’s Facebook page

Always include a call-to-action button in your Ads so that your potential customers know how they can make a purchase. Choose “Order Now” button, so that potential customers can easily access your online ordering menu. Ideally, it’s made so easy, they are tempted to place an online order once they see your Ads.

#5 Preview Your Ads

See how your Ads will look like on Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Desktop Right Column, and Audience Network.

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