5 Tips in Creating Killer Facebook Ads

Often you see Facebook Ads on your timeline that instantly capture your attention and prompt you to click on its link to learn more about the brand. However, there were also times when you saw not-quite-so admirable Ads. We are certain that you want your Ads to be remarkable, hence here are five important facets that lets your Ads stand out from the rest.

#1 Visual Cues

Most people do not have the time nor the patience to read through every word in your Ads. Do not post a lengthy essay, and maximise the visual presentation of your Ads instead. Use robust colours and show the most mouth-watering shots of your restaurant’s best dishes. Always keep in mind the Rule of capturing your customer’s attention under 8 seconds.

Take note that Facebook imposes a 20% text rule for all its Ads. Chances are if you have too much text area on your Ads, Facebook will not publish it.

#2 Knowing Your Target Audience

Make sure that your Ads are relevant to your target audience. If you want to reach an older age group, refrain from using cutesy images as these are less likely to catch their attention. Using the correct creatives can improve your Ads’ performance as well as increase a user’s engagement with your Facebook Ads. This increases the chance of your Ads remaining prominent and visible in potential customers’ News Feed.

#3 Attention-Grabbing Value Proposition

Explain the positive differences between your products and others in the market. Do you deliver to the CBD area for free? Do you offer a 10% discount for every 50 dollars purchase? Or maybe your products are healthier options for those who prefer to eat clean? Use your Facebook Ad to convey that and leave an impression…before they are distracted by someone’s latest getaway on their News Feed.

#4 Simple Ads

Never baffle your customers by overloading them with information or showing complicated creatives. Set singular focus for your Ads, and make sure your audience know what’s offered with a glance – your product/promotion and how they can get it after seeing the Ads.

#5 Keep Trying

Bear in mind that all Ads provide you with statistical information. If you do not evaluate your Ads, you will not learn what sort of Ads suit your target audience. Do not feel dejected if the first version of your Ads does not receive enough engagement, because it will still provide you with statistics that will help you understand your customers better, hence helping to improve your next Ad to target your potential customers.

Keeping these 5 tips in mind, we hope that the next time you release a Facebook Ad, your potential customers will notice and click on it to visit your online ordering menu.


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