Recharge Your Body with Healthy Post-Festive Options

After all the feasting during CNY, it’s time to go back to your normal meals. It is easy to find low-calorie options on FeastBump to support your diet. Start planning this into your meals to ‘relieve’ the tightness of your pants and skirts. 🙂

#1 Lean Bento

Start getting back to being fit and lean! There is no better way to start getting back in shape (not round shape) than to be eating clean with delicious healthy meals from Lean Bento.

P.S. Check out the fitness level of Lean Bento’s boss, and you will know what he meant by walk the talk!

Popular Dishes: Super Hero Chicken, Salmon Multigrain Donburi, Burnt Cheese Chicken Roasted Broccoli Salad (New) 

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#2 Shinkansen

Tasty salads definitely go beyond the usual Caesar or Chicken Cobb Salads. Explore exotic Japanese salads from the same team behind the Standing Sushi Bar. Quality assured!

Popular Dishes: Omega-3 Donburi, Okayama

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#3 J3 Cold Pressed Juice

Thinking of going on a detox juice cleanse? Try J3’s 1-Day Detox Juice Cleanse Pack! The juices are made from a variety of 11 cold pressed fruits, vegetables, and berries, ensuring that your much-needed nutrients and mineral intake is well taken care of.

Popular Drink: Type 3 for beginners as the particular blend of the vegetables and fruits are naturally sweeter.

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#4 Fortune Food (Halal Certified)

Be it Kueh Pie Tee or Popiah, the do-it-yourself snacks from Fortune Food are party favourites as your colleagues get to eat their own creations. It can be a great choice before any lunch meetings as the popiah skin and fillings are tummy friendly, and easy to digest. Fortune Food always promises fresh, tasty and great quality ingredients.

Popular Dish: Popiah Party Set

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#5 Marco Marco

With thin, tasty pizza crusts and MSG-free sauces, enjoy guilt-free indulgence with Marco Marco’s wide range of pizzas that burst with an authentic Italian flavour.

Popular Dish: Osaka Pizza

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#6 Jinjja Chicken (Halal Certified)

If you happen to want to cut yourself some slack, why not indulge in the Korean fast food craze, Jinjja Chicken. The fried chicken party sets are a hit, but if you are just taking a mini sinful treat, try other Korean fast food favourites like Tteokbokki Fries and Kimchi Tofu Burger.

Popular Dish: Jinjja Drumsticks if you are big fan of tender juicy chicken. You can hardly find this in most Korean fried chicken restaurants.

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A version of this article first appeared on on February 24, 2016.

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