Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads for F&B; Businesses

“Use Facebook ads to promote your online ordering platform” is a message that we relentlessly echo to all our readers. Indeed, we cannot stress the importance of this powerful tool enough. With as low as $15 a day, advertisements on Facebook have the potential to reach out to a substantial proportion of the 1.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook.

Due to its influence, we have finally devised a comprehensive guide to assist you in creating a winning Facebook advertisement.

Once you are ready, log into the Facebook account that you use to manage your business page, and then click here. After entering the page, click Create Advert and you will be directed to Facebook Ads Creation page.

Otherwise, you can visit the Facebook Ads Creation page by clicking the drop down arrow on the top right corner of your Facebook page after you are logged in, and select Create Advert.

#1 Pick a Campaign Objective

First step in constructing a personalised advertisement for your business is selecting an objective. To direct Facebook users to your online ordering platform, choose Send People to Your Website as the objective of your campaign. Read more about the usage of other interesting Facebook ads objectives in Most Important Facebook Ads Objectives for F&B Owners.

#2 Select Audience Demographics

After selecting an objective, you will be required to craft a set of demographics that matches your target audience. Only users that fall under your selected demographics will see your advertisements on their page. Learn about how to choose the right demographics in our guide to Selecting Your Facebook Ads Audience Demographics.

#3 Budgeting

Following that, you need to set a budget for your Facebook advertisement. The value set will be the maximum amount that you are willing to spend for a Facebook Ad campaign. Your budget will determine the reach of your advertisement. Discover more about how to set a budget for your Facebook Ad in Budgeting For Your Facebook Ads.

#4 Decide How Your Ads Will Look

Establish whether your Facebook Ad will be presented as a basic single or a carousel. If you have multiple products or images to display, the latter will be more useful. Explore the benefits of carousel Facebook Ads in Ways to Use Facebook Carousel Ads for F&B.

#5 Upload Your Creative

Before the final submission of your Facebook Ad for review, you need to upload pictures that will capture users’ attention when they see your Facebook Ad. Understand what to look out for when uploading creatives in Posting Creatives for Facebook Ads. Read also our 5 Tips in Creating Killer Facebook Ads to better understand what makes a Facebook Ad stand out from the rest.

With that, we hope that you have successfully created a Facebook Ad that will increase your chances of capturing the attention of potential customers. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. We would be delighted to learn of your progress and any suggestions for marketing content that you may wish to see on this blog.

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