Missed Valentine’s Day? Make up with Chinese Valentine’s Day then!

We know you are probably still in the Chinese New Year mood. After all, it’s the only time in the year when public holidays occur for 2 consecutive days. Don’t miss the last of it in the traditional 15 days of celebration. If you happened to have missed out on Valentine’s Day with your loved one, don’t miss this final chance to make up for it on the 15th of the Lunar month.

Known as Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节, aka Lantern Festival (not to be mistaken with Mid-Autumn Festival), a long long time ago, this was the time to head out to the streets and look for love. May it be sweethearts looking for a rare chance to meet or even love at first sight occurrences. Today, Chinese communities treat it just like Valentine’s Day so if you haven’t gone out on a date with your crush, this is your chance! We know this may be a little last minute, so here’s 8 romantic outdoor places to go on Chinese Valentine’s Day. We’ve even curated some nearby pickup foods if you want to plan a romantic outdoor picnic.

Photo Credits: National Parks Board, via Heart Map

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Gardensthe first botanical gardens in Asia to be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a great location for a date. Create your unique miniature gardens together at the “Miniature Garden Workshop” (runs 13 & 14 February 2016). Click here for registeration. Another romantic spot in the gardens is the Symphony Lake where you can find beautiful blossoms of lotus flowers and lily pads.

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Palawan Beach, photo credits: Wikimedia Commons


If you both love the sun, sand and sea, then Sentosa is the right place for you! You can either pack the day with fun and adventurous activities, or hop onto the coaches to explore the other serene locations in Sentosa. Remember to be at the west tip of the island to catch that magnificent sunset.

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Photo Credits: NParks My Green Space

Mount Faber

Mount Faber has been the ‘pak tor’ place in Singapore that has fostered the love of couples throughout generations. Reasons for it being such a romantic spot is its panoramic view of the Southern parts of Singapore, overseeing the beautiful outline of Sentosa and Keppel Bay.

If you already plan to visit Sentosa, try taking a cable car from Mount Faber and enjoy the stunning view of the horizon!

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Photo Credits: Schrista

The Henderson Waves

The Henderson Waves are famous for their artistic, distinct wave-like structure. Go on a hike along the Southern Ridges and capture the beauty of wildflowers and birds. When you reach the waves, pick a nice pit stop, lay down a blanket, enjoy the fresh air and take in the beautiful architecture of the bridge. You can even do this under the stars!

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Photo Credits: National Parks Board

Coney Island

Disconnect from the hectic city life without having to take a boat! Take a bike trail down to Coney Islandand get ready for an adventure-filled date. Explore the island on bicycle (highly recommended) and see if you can bump into that famous cow!

While you are there, we suggest taking a walk along Punggol Waterway, sitting on the wooden plank pavements, and catching up on some sweet moments with your date.

*Tips: Bring along insect repellent. Coney Island is opened from 7am to 7pm.

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Photo Credits: Going Places Singapore, URA

Orchard Central’s Roof Garden

One of the hidden gems along the bustling Orchard strip is Orchard Central’s Roof Garden. Perfect for the evening, the roof garden provides the ultimate sky-high romantic experience under the stars. For the guys – your girlfriends would love this place as well since it is only a few minutes away from the shopping malls!

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Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a vibrant horticultural haven in the heart of busy Singapore. Take a long stroll with your other half along the boardwalk and be inspired by the thousands of magnificent flowers and plants. Visit The Flower Dome and Super Trees where you can capture beautiful moments with your loved ones (think, lots of wefies).

Add some adventure to your date by taking him/her on a bicycle ride from East Coast Park to Gardens by the Bay via the park connector and enjoy the great view of the Singapore’s CBD while on the bike.

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Photo Credits: Wisata Singapura

St. John’s Island

Situated about 6.5km south of Singapore, St. John’s Island has all the makings of a relaxing getaway. It is probably the only island with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water that has such easy access from Singapore, and it is relatively untouched by tourists, so you and your date can have a spot on the island to yourselves.

Ferries depart from Singapore to St. John’s Island daily.

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This article is edited from a version that first appeared on FeastBump.com on February 5, 2016.

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