Boy meets… Cake, Falls in love

A true F&B love story

It’s Valentine’s Day and we have a deliciously true story to share. This isn’t about Boy meets Girl. Instead, we have Boy meets Cake. Just like many love stories out there, it definitely was the unique one that managed to capture the heart of Boy.

A long time ago, there was a little boy by the name of KB. KB didn’t like cakes much. Even though most kids probably had lots of chances to have cake – birthdays, parties, little treats for running errands… the list goes on. But KB always found the cakes in Singapore then too greasy for his liking. Hmm, perhaps KB wasn’t much of a sweet-toothed kid? Being curious at heart, he was still keen on trying new things. The first time he tried non-Singaporean cakes was when he spent a short time living in the US. But it still didn’t turn out right for him. Those cakes were sweet and delightfully filling but deep down, he knew it still wasn’t what he was looking for. He needed something more satisfactory.

Well, it seems like the adage, the third time’s a charm is right again. On a chance occasion, he tried some cake in Japan for the third time. It was a turning point in his life. For the first time since he could remember, he wanted a second serving of cake. He was a convert! From barely wanting to eat cakes at all, KB had fallen in love with Japanese cakes. From then on, he became a true fan of Japanese pastries.

How to fall in love with Japanese pastries and cakes

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While love can happen without any reason in most cases, KB knows the secret to making people fall in love with cakes. Since that magical encounter with Japanese cake, KB now runs Pâtisserie Glacé with his wife, Chef Tomoko who helms the kitchen. KB shares with us how Japanese cakes make it hard to not fall in love and he wants to convert more people like him into cake lovers. He recalls as he first bit into that memorable cake, it was light and easy on the tongue, making him keen on getting a second bite.

“It was something that I could eat a second slice!”, KB remarks. Indeed, the secret to making someone want a second piece of cake is to make it light and just the right size. In fact, all of Pâtisserie Glacé’s cakes have been carefully measured to fit the Asian appetite. The perfect serving is one where you finish the cake and still feel a slight desire for more.

Pâtisserie Glacé’s cakes are a favourite of Japanese expats and office ladies as a light snack for teabreak. According to KB, several years ago, a Japanese lady was on the brink of tears when she tasted a slice of their cake, reminding her of what she had back in Japan.

Sharing the love through online ordering

Today, with exposure to many foreign cakes and pastries, the bakery scene in Singapore is now much more vibrant and creative where it’s hard to claim that cakes are all of a kind. With the traditional, artisan and international bakeries abound, one might just find something to suit his/her tastebuds round the corner. At the same time, it has become increasingly competitive to get your name out and become a hit with locals who are now spoilt with choices. Beyond the basics of mouth-watering creations, two key factors to garner more fans include (1) Instagram-worthy pictures as well as (2) A convenient platform for time-pressed Singaporeans to get their cakes for parties and events in a snap.

Pâtisserie Glacé is fully aware of these and despite the competition, they have managed to open franchise stores, always striving to share this love for Japanese pastries with more locals and Japanese expats who miss a taste of homely cakes. However, receiving orders from international customers ordering cakes for their family and friends back in Singapore was a disruption to KB keeping normal sleeping hours and hence he decided to embark on online ordering for the bakery. Having their own website to showcase their cakes is a pull factor for customers looking to browse for some cakes at their own leisure. Gradually, as the scale of the business grew and more orders started to stream in, it became a hassle to manage and keep up with the prettier websites of new bakeries. Oddle then came into the picture to help with order management and provided Pâtisserie Glacé with a sleeker interface that made the online ordering process much smoother for customers.

And…they lived happily ever after

Using Oddle has allowed KB to say goodbye to most of his online ordering woes. Undoubtedly, not all is smooth-sailing, as there will always be hiccups in running a business. However, this does not deter KB and Chef Tomoko from delivering healthy and tasty cakes at a moderate price, in their own words “creations that a mother will serve her child.”

“We are a happiness business” says KB as he shares a funny anecdote of an OL who was drooling at the cakes in their display and the cashier couldn’t help but giggle at her.

With more time on their hands, Pâtisserie Glacé even holds baking sessions for their fans so that girlfriends and wives can bake their own cakes for boyfriends and husbands. It is simply satisfying for KB and Chef Tomoko when they see customers’ faces light up after eating their cakes, making all the hard work worth it.

We hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day story. It wasn’t about Boy meets Girl but the love that stemmed from Boy meets Cake had spread to more people and we truly thought it would make a great tale for a love-filled Valentine’s Day.

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