Smooth Operations Make Better Sales For OosterBay

The Inspiration

OosterBay’s founder John and his team started out as distributors of sashimi to locally based japanese restaurants before deciding that it was time to establish their own online sashimi delivery business. With the aim of providing Singaporeans the option and luxury of purchasing premium quality sashimi at wholesale prices, OosterBay was officially launched in August 2015.

Check-out Complications

OosterBay took the unconventional route of going online first instead of establishing their own physical outlet. With lower capital involved, lesser manpower required and no furnishing needed, it was clear to them that going online was the better of the two. However, their online journey was far from a smooth sailing one. Relying on a website put in place by outsourced developers, the system proved to be the cause of all frustrations. Their operational side of the business was occasionally taken to the test. This affected the check-out transaction which often saw customers abandoning their carts because the payment wouldn’t go through. In summary, it was a calamity for OosterBay.

We sought the service of a group of web developers from India to help establish our website to allow for online ordering. However, the system was honestly quite bad and it led to a myriad of problems from the checkout transaction to the receiving of orders.
— OosterBay’s founder John

Areas Of Concern Resolved

The areas of concern were a threat to the sustainability of the OosterBay. John felt the pressing need for an immediate solution to these pain points. Through a friend’s recommendation, they came across Oddle. When Oddle came into play, they no longer found themselves faced with the limitations in tracking, receiving and fulfilling orders. Their biggest headache: check-out transaction, was finally resolved and as a result, the volume of abandoned carts was drastically reduced. And most importantly, they no longer had to worry about technical issues arising on a regular basis.

There were hardly any glitches experienced after using Oddle. This was a far cry from our previous system, a website where a lot of the backend features seemed to be interfering with each other.
— OosterBay’s founder John

Significant Jump In Sales

With these issues settled, OosterBay could now place better focus on their online marketing strategies in a bid to attract more customers. This ties in with the following advice he wishes to give aspiring F&B owners with plans to move online. Although it is usual to not serve customers personally, it is still imperative to provide a consistent and exceptional service. Especially so for a business that solely operates online, the approach should be a 100% customer-centric one.

With the right system, it wouldn’t be difficult for F&B businesses to achieve the same success OosterBay did with Oddle.

After using Oddle, we were able to solve our pain points. As a result, we were able to see a 30% jump in our sales. It also attributed to us experiencing quite a significant increase in traffic volume.
— OosterBay’s founder John

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