How To Use Instagram Like A Top Chef

F&B professionals today are constantly on the go and multitasking. You’re busy, you’re distracted but you’re also on the hunt for new sources of inspiration. With over 193 million photos tagged #food on Instagram and 103 million photos tagged #foodporn, foodies all over the world are teaching us this — people recognise the beauty of food. But they are also obsessed with photographing what they eat.

To give your Instagram feed an upgrade, we bring you top chefs who cook up daily Instagram feasts for their followers! And of course, irresistible #foodporn.

#1 David Chang

Enter David Chang (@davidchang), founder of the Momofuku restaurant group. With an astounding 606k followers (wow!), he is currently one of the most followed chefs on Instagram.

David Chang has mastered the art of hypnotic slow motion food videos. Sifting through his photo feed, you would wish there wasn’t a screen stopping you from reaching out for a bite. We could go on about how his photos and slow motion videos are beyond drool-worthy, but he had us with that oozing egg yolk goodness…

Apps To ‘Gram It Like David Chang:

#1 Slow Motion – Video Camera Slo Mo, Fast Mo & Stop Speed Editor For YouTube & Instagram

Record a slow motion video from scratch or import existing ones in your library. All you need to do is slide the dial to adjust the speed! Take your cue from David Chang with that slow motion video *cues yummy boiled egg goodness*.

#2 Slomolapse

Adjust the speed of your video with this combination of slow motion and time lapse features. It’s best for highlighting a scene. Show how you slice away that brisket the way David Chang did.

#3 Slo Mo Video – Slow Motion Vid Speed Editor For YouTube And Instagram

Because the video timeline is everything, now you get to choose the parts that should be in slow motion and those that run in quicker speeds.

#2 Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver)

He needs no further introduction in the restaurant world. Jamie Oliver is a well-loved celebrity chef and restaurateur who’s always armed with a pocketful of easy and innovative recipes whenever, wherever! With 5.1 million followers, it’s no wonder he is (unofficially) the most followed chef on Instagram! Rest assured, The Naked Chef star’s feed isn’t about the nudes, but stripped down to core ingredients. Warning though, his feed is out to put you in a state of ‘hanger’ — being irritable due to hunger. Well, at least with the quick recipe videos, you’re well on your way to filling up that hungry stomach.

Apps To ‘Gram It Like Jamie Oliver:


Here’s why the free VSCO app, (previously known as VSCOcam) is all the rage right now. With its wide variety of adjustable film-like filters, users can add that elegant quality with a single tap. Also, we loved how it’s suitable for beginners and mobile photographers alike!

#2 Magisto

Magisto allows you to stitch together pictures or videos to make them into a little movie of your own. It’s perfect for showcasing your food and travel adventures, which are simply inseparable.

#3 Animoto Video Maker

Animoto turns even the simplest of videos into professional-looking ones in a matter of minutes! It’s simple to use. And perfect for your quick recipe videos.

#3 Janice Wong (@janicewong2am)

The doyenne of desserts, Janice Wong was Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in 2013 & 2014. Her Instagram feed shows off a collection of well-crafted and artfully colourful dessert creations. With a feed looking like a virtual tour of a pastry museum, it’s no wonder she’s one of Singapore’s most followed chefs on Instagram with 27.2k followers. We were truly inspired by the way Janice Wong serves art on a platter. Go on and take the cue from the way she plays around with colours and get your creative juices flowing.

Apps To ‘Gram It Like Janice Wong:

#1 Pinterest

Mood boards can be a great way to document and design your creative process. Pinterest is a content sharing app that holds an extensive collection of mood boards. See videos, images or other stuff that inspires you? “Pin” them to your board.

#2 Snapseed

Fine-tune your photos with Snapseed. Turn them into masterpieces with its easy-to-use features and filters!

#3 Priime

While VSCO offers a camera and editing app in one, Priime is purely used for editing photos. Did you know? Some of the world’s renowned photographers have also designed an extensive range of professional photo filters for your use.

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