J3 Juice Achieves Up To 2 Times Turnover With Online Solution

The Inspiration

J3 Juice started out with the vision of providing Singaporeans with a healthier and affordable range of beverages. With Singapore’s hectic and fast-pace lifestyle, most people do not have the luxury of time to prepare and consume proper meals, much less hitting their daily nutrient requirements for fibre and other vitamins. This triggered them to provide a fuss-free solution to this issue, by compacting everyday healthy goodness into tasty beverages in the form of cold pressed juices, yogurt, and honey soda!

They serve up these simple ‘Grab & Go’ juices, so customers can sip on their lovely concoctions on the go, and at wallet-friendly prices! Using the freshest, all-natural ingredients, they distinguish themselves from other commercial sources, boasting juices that are a par above the rest.

An Operational Hassle

Within just a short month of beginning operations, J3 Juice felt that it was time to go online. They knew that by going online, they would be able to extend their outreach. Customers could then purchase their products and have them delivered to their doorsteps with just a few clicks. But little did they realise the challenges they would face.

J3 Juice began with the creation of online forms as a way to receive online orders from their customers. It was a separate process from the online payments customers would have to make and J3 Juice had to constantly keep up with the tallying of payments and the online forms. They knew for a fact that it wasn’t the most efficient method for receiving online orders, but they were not sure of better options available. This made them source for a robust system that would be able to solve their business pain points.

After sending in their request, they’d need to either click on the Paypal link
or bank transfer & notify us separately. It required a lot of manual work, making sure
we tallied the payment to the online form they submit.

J3 Juice Co-Founder, Jeff

No More Pain Points

The manual processes stuck out like a sore thumb. It was fast becoming more than just an operational hassle for J3 Juice. When Oddle came to play, the integrated features allowed for the manual processes to be completely removed. It was an all-in-one solution which meant everything was automated and streamlined. No more pain points — no more frustration.

Oddle has made our daily operation for non dine-in business much easier.
Customers are able to make their purchases on the go.
We are able to achieve up to 2 times turnover after using Oddle.

J3 Juice Co-Founder, Jeff

Achieving Up To 2 Times Turnover

What could this mean for J3 Juice? A revolutionised operational process that they could look to rely on. With the operational side of their online business having been taken care of, they are able to place proper focus on marketing and selling their products. Customers’ needs are also now better catered to. With that, they saw a boost in traffic and volume of orders to ultimately seeing a significant increase in their sales revenue.

With the change of consumers purchasing behaviour, more and more consumers prefer to make their purchase online, including for F&B. Their advice to other F&B owners? Bringing the business online should be in every owner’s to-do list, if they haven’t already done so.

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