Your Customers Are Probably Slipping Away If You Haven’t Done This

For a restaurant e-commerce business, it is a major concern for restaurateurs when customers abandon their online orders or shopping carts. Unless you find out what’s preventing your customers from completing their checkout process, shopping cart abandonment will forever remain as one of your biggest headaches. Suppose you could regain some portion of the “lost” revenue from all the abandonment, why wouldn’t you? Since these abandoners did initially have an intent to order from your restaurant ordering system. Here, we feature 6 tips to help you you recover those abandoned online orders and gain more revenue!

1.  Send out an email 30 minutes after                        abandonment

Send a recovery email with a catchy headline like this one: “Oops, did you forget to order lunch today? Beat the lunch crowd by completing your order now!”  Sometimes an online order could be abandoned because your prospect could have been distracted (cues phone call, email, etc) and unknowingly proceeded to exit the cart. A recovery email captures the attention of the abandoner which then triggers them to complete the orders.

For repeated abandoners, you might want to assess at which point do they usually drop out at. Take that as a gauge to introduce an incentive or Call-To-Action to motivate them into making an online order. For instance, if it’s due to the delivery charges that keeps them from checking out, then you could roll out an exclusive promotion/coupon e.g 15% off delivery charges to encourage them to complete their transaction.

2.  Create a sense of urgency in your customers

Let’s say a customer has abandoned their online order for today, you could send them a 30% discount coupon that would only be valid for online orders within the next 48 hours. When a time limit is set upon these abandoners, a sense of urgency is created. This would go on to trigger them to fulfill their incomplete orders.

3.  Send out a friendly reminder for your                  frequent customers

Targeted towards frequent customers, you could inform them that a special promotion is only around for a limited amount of time. Customers can’t help but keep your restaurant ordering system at the top of their minds for the rest of the day.

4.  Insert a Call-To-Action button

Create a Call-To-Action button to motivate customers to turn back and complete his/her order. You can embed the link in the food images used in your email. Seize every opportunity to direct them back to your restaurant ordering system. Use words these words to lead your customers back to your restaurant ordering system: “Take Me Back To My Shopping Cart”, “Complete My Checkout Transaction”, “I Need to Get back to My Shopping Cart”.

5.  Make sure your recovery email is mobile-            optimised

What is a recovery email if it can’t be viewed properly on a smartphone or a tablet? Just imagine how infuriating it would be for your customers when they are presented with a distorted view of the intended message, and be left to figure out how to navigate through it. You wouldn’t want to turn them away with your recovery email. Keeping it mobile-optimised is your finishing touch to draw them back into your cart.

6.  Entice them with your best sellers

Are your menu options not compelling enough? Gather your backend data to reveal the popular dishes in your restaurant! Feature those dishes in your recovery email as a means to further entice them back to your shopping cart.

It’s time to put these 6 tips into your email strategy to recover those abandoned online orders you might be facing on a daily basis. Do check out our previous article on how you are able to build your customers’ email database in case you haven’t already done so.

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