How F&B; Businesses Succeed During Festive Seasons

Festivals are a common staple of multicultural Asia. From Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day to Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas, F&B business owners will never miss a chance to promote their seasonal products during happy occasions like festivities. What we do is so closely interlinked to F&B businesses that we can’t help but notice how transactions spike during festive seasons, implying some lavish spending on consumers’ part.  In this article, let us share some of our own insights and tips on capturing consumers during joyous festive seasons.

#1 Display your seasonal products early

Start exhibiting your seasonal specialties weeks (or even months) before the actual festival day. Not only will this practice grants you more time to carry out marketing activities, but it will also benefit you in acquiring potential customers ahead of your competitors.

#2 Ensure that links to your online ordering platform are noticeable

F&B merchants often make the oversight of positioning the link to their online ordering platform on a secluded area of their website or hidden underneath other tabs. Adding a separate tab or button for the link will attract visitors’ attention and lead in sales. Another way to make sure that the link is apparent is to add a Shop Now button on your Facebook page.

#3 Run online marketing

Time after time, we advise F&B merchants to carry out various online marketing efforts which have proven to be extremely useful in increasing sales. Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads are some online efforts that can be adopted to market your products for the festive seasons.

#4 Do not forget offline marketing

Complement your online marketing activities with traditional marketing efforts. Distribute fliers, put up posters, and tap on your in-store customers to inform their circles about your products. Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

#5 Include a direct call-to-action

Explicitly state on your marketing collateral what actions you wish visiting customers would take. Include a Shop Now button and post a status update to direct your fans to your online ordering platform, if you wish to increase the number of visitors. Likewise, if you want your customers to pre-order seasonal products, remember to clearly state the ordering period. Stating a last order date may also invoke a sense of urgency amongst your customers, which will lead them to purchase your products.

#6 Be patient

Don’t fret if orders are not received immediately after marketing efforts are rolled out. More often than not, customers will only place their orders closer to the actual day as they require time to contemplate before advancing on their purchases.

With this knowledge in mind, we hope that you have prosperous festive seasons. Always keep in mind that with the right marketing, orders will eventually come in.


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