5 Life Hack Apps that Restaurant Owners Must Try

Overwhelmed by work? Looking for life hacks? If you own a food business, read on as we recommend you the 5 life hack apps that all restaurant owners must try (or recommend your exhausted management staff).

Trello – Your Whiteboard for To-do Items

Photo Credits: Trello

But better. More than just an online list, Trello connects any number of members on the team to complete things. In a service-oriented F&B business, behind-the-scenes tasks tend to get neglected. With deadlines and notifications, you won’t have to remind your staff to stock take again. On the management level, if you are thinking of pushing out a new marketing scheme or revamping your restaurant, Trello allows you to add attachments and comments, allowing you to plan and discuss your ideas for your revamp project right from the start.

When I Work – Your Auto Employee Scheduler

Photo credits: When I Work

Scheduling your employees who have different schedules is a pain in the neck. Instead of spending so much precious time on administrative tasks, why not automate it with When I Work? It schedules your employees based on their availability and even alerts you when they have gone beyond their quota to reduce overtime. Swapping is made easier since all you have to do is approve, with the app doing the eligibility matching for you.

AnyList – Your Shopping Pal

Photo Credits: AnyList

Want your staff to have more time for your customers? Well, in the F&B business, more often than not, food places are understaffed. In addition to serving food at the frontline, there’s also shopping or refilling of stocks to take note of. To save an immense amount of time and confusion, AnyList is the answer to your woes. Facilitate collaboration for refilling stocks with AnyList and get your items categorised and filed. No more blaming one another when things run out.

Buffer – Your Personal Marketing Ninja

Photo Credits: Buffer

If maintaining social media posts is bothering you and breaking your daily routine, Buffer is definitely a saviour. Allowing you to line up posts ahead of time, and schedule them on specific days up to the minute, you won’t have an issue with managing multiple social networks and keeping in touch with your loyal customers.

Oddle – Your Online Ordering Platform

Online ordering menu of Maki-San powered by Oddle

Have you been taking orders for your delivery and pickup business through phone calls, emails, fax or even Facebook? We applaud your staff’s excellent skill in multi-tasking. But why make life difficult and unhappy for them when things could be much easier with Oddle? Oddle is an online ordering platform where you can customise your menu and change delivery and pickup settings to your own requirements. Orders get funnelled to the designated store automatically.

We bet your hands are itchy to try things out right now. As a restaurant owner, you probably dreamt of serving great food to your customers instead of piling up your days with admin backlog. So get started with and get creative beyond our suggestions. Not only can you and your staff take a breather, you can also channel your energy into providing quality service for your customers.

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