Top 5 Reasons Why Oddle Is The Favourite Online Ordering System

Having been in the online ordering system trade for almost 2 years, Oddle has grown to a current total of 500 restaurants using our online ordering system. As we celebrate another milestone, we would love to share with you the top 5 reasons why F&B owners like us. Entirely based on true online ordering system reviews from our clients.

“Since we started working with Oddle, many of the ordering processes have been reduced and simplified … Oddle is intuitive, flexible, easy to learn and implement. The Oddle team, with their extensive experience in F&B; sales and marketing, is able to create an (online ordering) system that is truly beneficial for the industry.

— Chen Soong Fee, Marketing Manager, Lady M

# 5 Experienced & supportive team

Many of our clients’ reviews of the Oddle online ordering system show that they are impressed by our team!

Experienced: The Oddle online ordering system began its roots from the lack of a satisfying online ordering solution faced by one of our bosses, Jonathan, who is the owner of salad-grill place, The Lawn. Having then sought feedback from fellow F&B owners, the Oddle online ordering system is based on F&B-targeted needs such as lead time and setting delivery zones.

Supportive: From pre-sales to post-sales, there’s a full-fledged team of sales and customer success personnel to help with getting your personalised online ordering system’s frontend menu up and running. Even after it’s set up, every time our clients face issues, they can be sure to find someone ready to chat and help. The customer success team periodically recommends marketing tips that bring in more sales for our clients too.

#4 User-friendly

The Oddle online ordering system is known to be intuitive, making it easy for both managers and employees to implement it in their online ordering operations. Client reviews of the online ordering system reveal that its flexibility makes it suitable for every F&B business’ needs. For example, the online ordering system’s frontend menu is highly customisable to match the wide and varied options that F&Bs offer.

#3 All-in-one solution

With so many apps available on the market now, it’s not impossible to have one’s needs all satisfied. (Separately though.) However, an all-in-one solution that has all the essentials is harder to come by. Hence, Oddle’s online ordering system that includes a frontend menu, backend store + menu customization and sales reports is a lifesaver. According to client reviews of the Oddle online ordering system, a key life-saving feature is the funneling of all orders onto the online ordering system which then autoroutes orders to designated stores, saving much staff time from sorting delivery and pickup orders.

#2 Effective traffic conversion to sales

“Oddle is an attractive solution to a niche customer segment of us: expats. Most of them come back to NN Store and order because the shopping cart is fast, beautiful and familiar to them.

— Quoc Nguyen, NN Store

Of course, no matter how sleek the online ordering system is, ROI is a key concern. The hassle-free integration to Facebook’s ‘Shop Now’ CTA button on Business Pages has effectively helped convert existing fans of our F&B clients to loyal delivery and pickup customers as well. What keeps customers coming back is the beautiful and user-intuitive layout of the online ordering system’s frontend menu which portrays a reliable image.

#1 Smooth ordering process

Unsurprisingly, at the top of the list is the online food ordering process. After all, it is the core feature of our online ordering system and we do what we do best. Client reviews of the online ordering system are delighted to share that customers are having a much easier time browsing through menus at their own leisure and our F&B clients have had a reduction in complaints regarding online ordering processes. All done with them barely lifting a finger.


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