Take In 20% More Delivery & Takeaway Orders — Even After Your Restaurant Is Closed

Wondering how you can still take in orders for delivery and takeaway during after-hours even when all your restaurant staff has knocked off?

Well, simply bring your restaurant or F&B business into the virtual space by having an online ordering system, like all the other 500 restaurants that are using our online ordering system – an all-in-one solution that resolves your needs with online ordering. This way, there’d be someone (the online ordering system) virtually taking in orders for your restaurant 24/7.

How this works: Our online ordering system comes with an attractive online ordering menu for your customers to order anytime, anywhere. Even when your restaurant is closed, the online ordering system continues to receive, consolidate and sort orders to the designated outlet – where your staff will be able to process them through the online ordering system backend the very next day.

Still not convinced? Let us share with you some interesting facts from the purchasing patterns we’ve noticed from the over USD 2.5million worth of orders that has been transacted over our online ordering system over the past year:

Finding 1: 22% Of Total Delivery And Takeaway Orders Stream In Through The Online Ordering System After Restaurants’ Operating Hours

What this means: With an online ordering system, be ready to capture one-fifth more online orders after your restaurant closes. These might otherwise be lost to competitors who are offering this added convenience through online ordering platforms or even online ordering marketplaces to the ever-demanding consumers of today.


Finding 2:  $$$ Larger Bulk Orders After Hours! Accounting For 34% Worth Of Total Orders In Dollar Value

What this means: Customers generally order more per transaction through the online ordering system after restaurant operating hours. We are seeing a trend of larger bulk orders, possibly for parties, corporate events or even office lunch-ins.


Finding 3: 14% Of Customers Continue To Visit Our Clients’ Online Ordering System’s Frontend Menu Beyond Operating Hours

What this means: Imagine having 14% of your customers being exposed to your brand and browsing through your online ordering system’s frontend menu. Even after your restaurant closes! This is definitely not surprising, with the new generation of consumers heavily addicted to their mobile phones, even when it’s close to bedtime.

Our Solution

For those who are not familiar with our online ordering system, here’s an example of an F&B business using our online ordering system.

As restaurateurs ourselves, we believe in empowering restaurants with a white-label solution – an online ordering system which gives them full control over their brands as well as customer service levels.

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